Sunday, April 14, 2013

MTC: Week 1

So FINALLY it's my first P day! We got the last possible P day of all the missionaries so it's nice to get a break. We went to the temple this morning, then did laundry and now we're sending emails and letters. I'M WEARING PANTS!!! It feels so good to be out of a skirt. Okay there's so much to say and no time to say it so sorry if I leave something out, and don't get mad that this isn't organized because I don't have time to think haha. Mom you wanted to know what a typicle day is like here. We wake up at 6:30, get ready, eat breakfast, then depending on the day we either have gym time or class first. Gym time is so good. I am trying SO hard to only eat salad and wraps so I don't gain 100 pounds in the MTC. Once a week we do service which is basically just cleaning the bathrooms (gross. girls leave their hair everywhere) or cleaning other things in our dorms. We have time for language study, personal study, companionship study, lunch, teaching lessons, and dinner. On Tuesdays and Sundays we have devotionals which are super cool! We had Vocal Point on Sunday and on Tuesday we had a former general authority Brother Lund speak to us. I'm not sure what a typicle Sunday is like since last Sunday we had conference. Which was so good! Cedar City temple wooohooo!!! Oh at the temple this morning I bumped into Chelsea Greenhalgh's grandma! She's a temple worker there and I talked to her for about ten minutes. She's really nice. (Someone tell Chelsea that. I don't have her email.) Our district is still really close. Sometimes we have to calm the Elders down a little bit and remember that they're all 18 because they get out of control haha. Um so we started teaching our first investigator the day after we got here. Yes, only in Portuguese. It's so difficult but we're getting better. His name is Goberto, and after three lessons Sister Gidney and I committed him to baptism. We were the only ones in our district that did so we were really excited. Let me correct that though. Sister Gidney did all the talking. Haha she took spanish so she's catching on to the language much faster. All I did was bear my testimony and pray haha. But oh well! Goberto is now our teacher, Brother Hodson. So that's pretty funny. We will start teaching our other teacher Brother Hickman in a few days but he will be called Elison haha. So guess what? I'm not sick anymore!!! Finally I woke up this morning and barely have a cough. I feel so much better. I leave in  4.5 weeks! Time is already flying by here. I can't wait. Our roommates are all going to Chile and they leave in like 9 days. We will get bottom bunks when they leave! :) I see people I know at the MTC like every single day. Even though I've seen them a hundred times I get so excited when I see them. Can't hug though... I'm going to be so awkward when I get home. By the way all of you guys are AWESOME at writing. It makes me so happy to get letters. It's like the district joke though how many letters I get every day so THANK YOU ALL FOR WRITING ME! Don't stop or I'll be sad! And use Dear Elder. Emails are basically the same except I can't get them until P day and I don't have time to respond. Dear Elder they give them to me the day you send them so I love it. One of the pictures I sent is of Sister Gidney and I one day we woke up and got dressed and when we looked at each other we were basically wearing the same outfit only reversed. It was hilarious! The entire day everyone kept saying oh my gosh you match! Like we didn't already notice. Anyway, time is up. I will hopefully hear from you soon and try to think of what I'm going to say better than I did this week haha. Love you all. :)
Sister Carroll 

Here's a little bit from a letter she sent home. . . 

The language is tough.  I can pray now…(very simple prayers) and I can say the name of the church.  (A Igreja de Jesus Cristo do santos do ultimos dias).  So at least it’s progress.  I have a long way to go.  My district is really awesome.  We all are really close even in just a few days.  We go everywhere together.  It’s funny because they’re all people I probably wouldn’t normally hang out with but they’re still nice.  This morning I woke up to my roommates yelling Happy Birthday and one of them put sticky notes on my closet that said Happy Birthday.  My comp made my bed and then when I got to our classroom there were 5 boxes of doughnuts on my desk (yes 5) and all the elders and sisters had written me a note.  It was really thoughtful of them all.  I really don’t know how they pulled it off but they did. Haha.     Tonight’s devotional is actually Vocal Point.   They are singing to us so it will be fun.  We finally got to leave the gates of the MTC today and go to the temple.   The days go by so quickly but the weeks go by slowly.  Wait…I switched that.  Days are LONG and weeks are short.  Vocal Point was REALLY good.   The food is gross.  The people are awesome.  The language is hard.  But if over a million missionaries before me could do it I can too.  Hope to hear from you soon. 
Love, Sister Carroll

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