Saturday, April 27, 2013

MTC: Week 3


Sorry this P day has been SO quick so this email might not be as long as the others. This week has been a lot better! I can't believe I'm already more than halfway done with the MTC! It's so crazy how fast it flies. Only 2 more temple sessions and then I'll be living in Europe! Weird huh? Well Kelsey I can not believe you waited until 2 weeks after I left to get a puppy! SERIOUSLY he is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm green with jealous rage right now. Oh before I forget, I have the coolest news to tell you all. Elder Beckstrand in my district you know? His dad is an artist for Disney. He was the one that drew Jane from Tarzan, Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame, Meg from Hercules, Pacha from Emporer's New Groove, John Smith from Pocahontas, and there were a bunch more! How cool is that? He gets to go to Disneyland for free. Dream.
Our devotionals this week weren't as amazing but they were really good! We had the BYU men's choir and then David F. Evans of the Seventy. So our teacher Brother Hodson isn't our teacher anymore. Yesterday he told us at the end of his lesson that it was the last one he would teach. I guess since the semester is over they're switching out teachers. It was a little bit sad but the good news is our new teacher served his mission in Portugal so we will learn how to pronounce the words correctly! We will meet him tonight and he will be our new investigator. I keep forgetting which things I've already told you and which things are new...
Um so I haven't seen Cody White yet. I didn't know he was coming in this week! Hopefully I'll see him soon. Where is he going again? That'll be fun to see another Cedar City kid! Oh Alex and Michelle you are saints by the way. This week they sent me 2 packages. One with cupcakes from cocoa bean (my district ate them up in 3 seconds) and the other had a cute necklace, the quote "What e'er thou art act well thy part" in a frame, letters and scratch and sniff stickers. It was awesome you guys are the best!!! A bunch of people I know are leaving to go to their missions! It's weird to see people leave because in a way it feels like we're staying here the entire time. The glasses are awesome by the way! I can see so much better with them on. Thanks mom and dad!
Oh our roommates left on Monday to go to Chile. We got four new ones on Wednesday. They are nice girls... a little bit dramatic but I think that will change soon. The night before they got here Sister Duke and Sister Sandholtz came to our room and we had a sleepover! It was way fun I really like those girls. Hey Bryn CONGRATS to Davis on his mission call! How cool is that? I can't believe he's going to Brazil. I'm so excited for him! Oh guess what I got sick again! Weird huh? It was about 2 days after I recovered from the first one and I felt even worse this time! My eyes watered the entire day. It was hilarious because when I got back from class that night I literally had zero mascara left. Elder Frasure bought me some medicine which was really nice of him. I'm feeling almost all the way better again! Hopefully I don't get the flu though. Every morning I hear a different girl throwing up in the bathroom. I REALLY don't want to catch that bug. It's so easy to get sick here.
I'm learning the language SLOWLY but surely. Hopefully I can catch on quickly once I'm in Portugal. Oh so there was an Elder walking in the hallway and his nametag said Elder Wood. So I asked him if he was related to Jessica and he said no but that he's from St. George and went to Snow Canyon. I asked him if he knew Brynley and he said yes his sister was good friends with her! His sister is Michelle Wood! Haha I don't know how I didn't recognize him. They look exactly alike. But I swear every person I meet knows someone I know. It's a small world after all. Also, when I was on the shuttle picking up my glasses, Ashley Faldmo's friend Fran got on! She's going to Norway I think? She's awesome. Ashley I hope you're reading this.
Well I'm sad to hear the Lakers are sucking it up. I was hoping for a miracle! Dang Kobe. Let me know who ends up taking it. Ahh I'm trying to think if there is anything else I'm forgetting to tell you. I didn't write down all your questions this week. (Sorry) but hopefully I didn't leave anything out? Anyway, hopefully I'll hear from you soon. Miss you all. Oi Julie Britsch I didn't get Nat's letter this week. Hopefully she's feeling better! Okay that's all for today. Tchau!
Sister Carroll

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