Monday, June 23, 2014

Barreiro: Week 57

So yeah, you all already know. USA and Portugal tied last night! WOAH didn't see that one coming! The game started at 11pm here so right when we were trying to sleep. Haha good luck sleeping during a soccer game in Portugal!! This morning a man told me it's a bad day for me to be wearing my nametag in the street. He said he thought all missionaries are American. Whoops. I'm going to fake an Australian accent for the next couple of weeks.
So this week went by so fast I can't remember where last week ended and where this one began. I helped save a cat!!! It was the best thing ever. We were talking to these girls in the street and we heard a little kitten meowing. I thought it was in an apartment building but one of the girls followed the sound and found a kitten stuck behind an electric box. It was in a very uncomfortable position poor thing. So this hairdresser lady came out with a broom and a box. This old man came and like swept the cat out it was so scared and hissing and it looked painful! :( Finally it got unstuck and booked it across the street. The girls chased after it and it got scared and ran under a car. So the girls left but I knew I would worry about it the rest of my life if I didn't do anything and I didn't want the car to leave with a cat in it! So I went and tried to find it. The man turned on his car and slowly started driving and then I yelled STOP! I saw the little kitten holding onto the back tire for dear life. I tried to grab it but it was hissing and scratching. So this man came with a towel and pried it off the tire and took it home! :) He has a bunch of other animals and said he would take care of it. I was so happy! Haha there were so many people trying to save this kitten. I LOVE PORTUGAL!
So remember when I told you last Monday how hot it was? That same day it got really rainy! It's been a cold week haha. So random. But I love rain so it's been fun! The other day we were walking home at night and there were BATS flying all around our heads! I remember hearing that if a bat flies in your hair it is impossible to get it out without cutting your hair off so we put our jackets over our heads and put our umbrellas up haha. It wasn't raining or sunny so we looked like weirdos, but the bats didn't get us!
My companion has been sick again. We had to stay home again for a couple days. This morning we went to the hospital in Lisbon with Sister Fluckiger. The doctor didn't help at all. I don't know what else to do. But anyway on one of the days we braided all of my companion's hair while we watched church movies. I felt so cool. She offered to braid my hair too but.... yeah... We can't pull off that look.
Um a member invited us and the elders to eat snails with them. I ATE SNAILS!!! What the?! I thought about the movie "It Takes Two" with MaryKate and Ashley haha. If you don't look at their little faces before you eat them they have a good flavor. But I looked at their little faces... Yeah it was definitely just a one time thing. I couldn't do it again. I swear this place is making me want to be a vegetarian!
We were teaching this family on Saturday and their kitten started sleeping on my bag. I went to get something out of my bag and saw it and the dad set the kitten on my lap. Two seconds later I see all these black things crawling on the kittens fur. I didn't want to be rude but this kitten has FLEAS! I was like staring at this kitten for like half an hour making sure none of them got onto me. We were doing great for the whole time, then right when we leave, one of the fleas jumped on to my finger, and then I DON'T KNOW WHERE! I think on my clothes or hair or something. I am really hoping it's gone. We shook our hair and clothes out when we left. AHHH gross.
On Sunday morning it rained so a lot of people wouldn't come to church. We seriously were gathering the sheep for 2 hours but only a couple agreed to walk in the rain. Bummer but we found out who the elects are right? :) It is going to be SO strange some day to sit down at church and listen to people talk for 3 hours. I only get to hear sacrament usually haha but it's worth it!
I feel like there's not much to update you on as far as investigators. Our investigators that were marked for baptism fell. Edi's parents won't let him get baptized (we're going to send missionaries to them in England) and António is just having a hard time with a couple of things, but we're still working with them! We have SOO many with potential. We just have to figure it out. It will all work out! :)
We're in Lapa today for P day since we had to go to the hospital. (in Lisbon) I figured out that I still don't like shopping. Missions change a lot about you but I guess that one is a little bit deeper of a problem haha.
Anyway, love you all. Have a great week!!! 

Sister Carroll

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