Monday, June 10, 2013

Vila Real: Week 4

Hey family and friends!

This will have to be short this week because we were given less time than usual. The branch president doesn't want us using his office to email anymore so we have to pay now to email... bummer but I'm sorry!!!

Anyway, not much happened this week. We had 2 of our baptisms fall through so far. Their parents wouldn't let them be baptized so that was sad but maybe some day! We're still really hoping for the other ones. Maria, the one that needs to be married first, wants to be baptized so badly but her boyfriend is being difficult so we will see.

Sometimes I think I'm getting the language much better, but this week a lady asked me to go get the peas off of the table and I thought she said to go get the lettuce out of the garden so... I guess not hahha. I just stood in her garden looking for lettuce. Pretty embarrassing. 

We did a service project this week at a house about an hour away. It was super dirty and we cleaned it for like 5 hours. It looks a TON better. Mom I'm so glad you don't allow us to be messy because I could never live like that haha. 

Oh just wanted to give Alex and Logan a Happy 1 Year Anniversary shoutout. I can't even believe that was a year ago! Time goes so fast! But I hope you had a great day!

Also... Dad. Not a single missionary here knows when Fathers day in the states is, and here they celebrate it in March so the members weren't helpful either. If I remember right it's the beginning of June right? If it was yesterday I'm sorry! But I hope you have a great Father's Day whenever it is and know that you're the best dad ever!! Trust me I've been stressing about this! I heard you had a fun time at the Hellers and that they had a huge party. That's awesome! Wish I could have seen it. 

Well I'm sad to hear the news about Nat Britsch. Nat if you're reading this I hope you recover quickly and can go back on your mission! I will be praying for you every day!

I'm sorry I don't have many pictures of anything but buildings and stuff. My companion will never take pictures. She gets pretty annoyed when I take them haha so... maybe some day I will get a couple. I'm sorry. We took some this week at our service project so I will get those from whoever had the camera and send them next week if I can. 

Anyway I'm really sorry but I don't have enough time to write any more! Love you all and I hope you are having a great week! I still haven't gotten any of your letters though I should get them in 2 weeks. 

Sister Carroll