Monday, June 17, 2013

Vila Real: Week 5

Hey family and friends!

How is everyone doing? Sounds like a lot of big things have happened this week at home. This week we had greenie training in Porto. It was really fun because we got to see a lot of our friends from the MTC! It was awesome I miss them! This next Sunday we will get our assignments for next transfer. I can't believe I've already been here that long! Crazy. But I'm excited to see what happens.

Oh so I'm the worst companion in the world. A few weeks ago I asked Sister Silva when her birthday was and she told me the 15th of June but that her favorite day is the 16th of June. So I mixed up the 2... We bought her a cake, we had everything planned to celebrate with her on the 16th. So she gets a happy birthday phone call from the mission presidente on the 15th and I was just thinking that's weird they must have gotten the date wrong! So at about 8:30 at night we met up with the other sisters at the church and they said they got a phone call from the Presidente too and he told them her birthday was that day. IT WAS!!! I felt so bad! She said she was fine with it because she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday anyway. She turned 27 and said she doesn't like her birthday anymore. What makes it worse though is that on Sister Mile's birthday I made breakfast, I made a sign for her and bought her a cake and wrote her a letter! And for my own companion NOTHING! Oh man. I felt so horrible. But I fixed it all don't worry. Hey mom would you mind sending me everyone's birthdays that I should know so that I don't ever make that mistake again?

Anyway, did everyone get my letters yet? If not it should be any second. And don't judge me that I'm wearing the same outfit in those pictures that I was in the last one! I promise I don't wear the same thing every day. Just every other. Hey I should be getting mail like next week or the week after so if you're going to send me something do it QUICK! And send pictures! You guys all suck at that... Except Kelsey, Alex and Brynley. They're doing good. Oh and I'm sending home a box of stuff I don't want here. So be watching for that!!!

So we have such a problem with ladies while we're street contacting. All the men will talk to us but the women won't even say hello. It's actually hilarious we experiment with it all the time. We asked the Elders and they said they have the exact opposite problem. Figures. I have noticed that being tall and having light hair is a huge advantage here. People look at me like I belong in a circus but it makes them talk to us more! 

So I found a food I like! CHERRIES! I thought I hated cherries so that was weird... but they're so good! Our Stake Presidente told me that if I eat  them it will help me with Portuguese so I guess I have no choice! Oh man I always forget to tell you! There's a little girl in our branch named Melissa that is literally the Japanese/Brazilian version of Annalise Corry. It's crazy. They act exactly alike and sort of look alike if that's possible. She's my favorite.

So we knocked on a door this week and this lady didn't open it she just asked who we were and we told her we were the missionaries and we had a message for her and all that fun stuff. She said, "Oh sorry but I can't let you in because my door is locked and I can't find my keys." (Here you have to open the door with keys from the inside too sometimes) So we just said okay have a good day or whatever and two seconds later we hear a bunch of keys and her locking the door hahaha. I seriously had to run down the stairs because I almost burst out laughing.

Also we were street contacting a couple days ago and I stopped this guy. We talked to him for a minute. He had a different accent and I literally couldn't understand anything he was saying so I just stood there smiling while Sister Silva talked. All of the sudden the guy stops talking, looks at me, smiles, squeezes my face cheeks and takes of running. Like at full speed. I was so confused. He didn't say goodbye or anything. We weren't even done! Hahaha.

One more story. We were in an appointment with this lady named Dona Céu. She's awesome. But I was going to give the closing prayer so we asked if there was anything she wanted me to pray for. She said yes please pray that my son will call me because I've been waiting all day. So I said please bless that Tiago will call her and literally it was just like on the Best Two Years right when I said that her phone rang and it was him! It was the funniest thing in the world I looked up and her face was in pure shock. She like grabbed my hand so excited! It was so funny. 

Anyway, I don't have time for anything else but I hope all of you have a great week! I miss you! Thanks for all the emails and support!

Sister Carroll

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