Monday, July 1, 2013

Braga: Week 7

Hey fam! So this week has been great! You'd be shocked how much help we're getting with the language! I don't even get nervous to talk to people at all. I obviously still struggle with words and stuff but people are nice and understand us! Sister Gibbs is the best companion ever! I can't tell you how big of a difference the past week has already been! We have so much fun and work so hard!
We have an awesome family in our ward from England. (Dad they lived in London, Birmingham and somewhere else can't remember. But I also can't remember what mission you served in. Leeds??) They're seriously the coolest people ever! The mom served a mission here in Portugal and met the dad here, who is from Lisbon. They have 5 kids. I love them they're hilarious! They had us and all the Elders over to watch that Mission Broadcast and have pancakes. They also invited us all over to celebrate the 4th of July on Thursday! It will be super fun! Sister Gibbs and I accidentally both wore all red white and blue the other day so we took a couple pictures.
Ummmm it's sooooo hot here. Like seriously I've never sweat so much in my life it's disgusting. It's better than being cold though. But literally we go to sleep sweating, wake up sweating, and you get the point. We don't have a fan so now I appreciate fans a ton haha. Cold showers save our life though!

So Sister Gibbs and I have become master chefs. For real we've been making up recipes and I'm super proud of us. Kelsey you and your prostart winning team better watch out. Oh my gosh we found this cereal though... best thing I've ever had in my life. We would probably eat it for every meal if it was acceptable. It has dried coconut, bananas, raisins, granola, and who knows what else but we literally bought every single box they had at the store today so that was embarrassing.
Today we were walking and I was telling a story and all of the sudden I look up and there is a pigeon flying full speed at my face. So I like basically dove on the groud and Sister Gibbs looked up and did the same thing haha we almost got killed. We laughed so hard I'm pretty sure people thought we were loco. But it was funny.
Well there's a nasty little habit in Portugal that men like to use the bathroom whenever and wherever they want. So basically men just stop mid walk and pee in front of us on the street. It makes me want to barf. People are so different here!
Sister Gibbs and I deep cleaned the house and found a nice little bear onesie so I put it on. Don't worry I washed it first. But I found some hideous yet less hot clothes and I've been wearing them. I think they're left over from the 90s but hey that style is coming back right? Seriously our apartment is so sick. I feel guilty. I sleep in like a Queen bed by myself! Ahh can't talk about that. Anyway... I swear I never know what to tell you guys until email time is over but that's all I can think of for now.
Hope everyone is well! Miss you guys. 

Sister Carroll

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