Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Braga: Week 8

4th of July at the Marinhos House! (The English family)
Sameiro Sanctuary
View from the Sanctuary of Braga

Hello everyone!
This week flew by. I can't even remember what we did because I feel like I emailed yesterday!
So we had our 4th of July party at the Marinhos! It was so fun they really worked hard to make it feel like home for us. They had a BBQ and had steaks, watermelon, pie, salads, and all sorts of stuff! We dressed up in red white and blue and got a lot of weird looks throughout the day. We made a cake and decorated it like the flag it was really cute actually! It was a fun day.
Sister Gibbs has this hilarious habit of sleep talking but she's like partly awake when it happens I can't explain it. Anyway the first time it happened she wakes me up and was like, "Sister Carroll wake up quick I think we slept in! The clock says it's one am but there's no way." I just rolled over, looked at my clock and said, "No it's one am." It was still dark outside and we had only gotten 2 hours of sleep. Haha but two nights ago there was this really skinny sad cat outside meowing way loud so I threw chicken at it. So I guess Sister Gibbs had cats in her mind when she went to sleep because she woke me up freaking out and was like, "Sister Carroll look there's a cat behind you!" All I said was, "What?" And then she stops and says, "Oh wait... we don't have a cat." and goes back to bed. She is hilarious.
This week has been so hot I can't even explain it! I know all of you are complaining about the heat but like be grateful for A/C and for fans or cold water or anything! Haha it's been in the 40s degrees here which is in the 100´s in Farheinheit. Í'm surprised people will even talk to us we're literally just drenched. GROSS. Oh we bought sandals today! I feel like a new woman it's so much better! Thanks for letting me get those!
Anyway there's a man in our ward who literally looks like one of the Hobbits on Lord of the Rings. I just can't help but think of that every time I see him!
Oh I had another embarrassing moment yesterday. They asked me to lead the music because the regular chorister was out of town. So after the opening prayer it was dead silent and no one was getting up to the pulpit so I figured it was my turn again. So I stood up there in front of the pulpit waiting for the piano intro and it never happened. I turned around and Irma Marinho was just laughing at me. So I turned the other way and the bishop was looking at me like what the crap are you doing? So I just sat back down. It was pretty stupid. But I guess it was the sacrament entertainment!
Well, today we went up to one of the local cool places... (can't remember the name anymore)
 with Jessica Marinho. She's going to go to BYU in the Spring so that will be awesome! Anyway it was way cool we took lots of pictures and got to see this cathedral built in the 17th Century. The churches here are amazing! It was fun though but our P day went so fast!
Well, we are having a great time here in Braga meeting and teaching amazing people, learning a ton and having fun while we're at it! Time is already flying this transfer! Oh so we're the only sisters in our district as you can see from the pictures, but we're also the only Sisters in our zone which is so weird! In my other 2 zones it was like half and half but now there are like 22 Elders and us. We do have a couple elders in our zone that were in our districts at the MTC so it's fun to see them sometimes.
Okay I can't think of anything else we did this week but hope everyone has a great week! Thanks to all that emailed!

Sister Carroll

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