Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miratejo: Week 14

Hey everyone! How was your week? Hope you're all doing well.

This week was good! We had divisions on Tuesday with Sister Warburton from England, and my trainer Sister Silva. I went with Sister Warburton and I basically was lost the WHOLE DAY! I couldn't figure out where we were so I'm pretty sure we went into the Elder's area like 90 times haha. Whoops. It was good though Sister Warburton is way funny. She kept "street contacting" the animals. She chased a pigeon down trying to invite it to church. Kept me laughing!

We had cleaning checks also and the senior couple brought us home made cookies. You have no idea how precious those things were to our apartment. We hid them for 3 days so the Sister Training Leaders wouldn't eat them. Hahaha. We're THOSE girls. People just don't make cookies here!

So Sister Hickey and I teach English every Wednesday. I am such a horrible teacher haha I always feel so awkward but none of the other missionaries will do it and the people here love it so we can't cancel it! If any of you have any ideas, send them my way! 

We had a couple funny incidents this week. First, Sister Miles was street contacting and a dog walked up to her, lifted its leg and peed all over her. HAHAHA I almost died. Then a couple of days later Sister Hickey and I were like laughing at how bad our day was going, and as we were crossing the street she feels something wet touch her hand. She totally got pooped on by a swarm of birds! Hahaha. At least it was just her hand right? I am the worst companion ever and I couldn't stop laughing haha.

I learned my lesson with bread here. I bought some last P day, and literally before I had eaten any of it I went to get some on Tuesday... COMPLETELY covered in mold. It was pink and black and fluffy. I literally thought I accidentally bought some cotton candy bread it was sick. 

Oh man so we found a lady in the street who was way cool but we weren't understanding anything she was saying. We went to her house to talk to her and turns out she only speaks Criollo. It's the main language in Cape Verde. We literally felt like we were back in week one of our mission. Every word just goes right over your head haha. Luckily we have a lot of members who speak Criollo so we are going to have one of them teach with us. 

Well we weren't able to baptize Castro on Saturday. I'm beginning to think I have the worst luck in the world. He didn't answer our 50 phone calls for 2 days. Finally he answered on Sunday and came to church. He told us he really wants to be baptized this Sunday. Cross your fingers! He's so golden I can't wait! Aylton is still progressing and we marked him for August 31st. He's seriously such a smart kid. We also walked with one of our new investigators, Paulo, to church yesterday. He's such a trooper because he has a broken foot and had to walk with crutches. They're not the kind of crutches we have in the states they're the kind that wrap around your lower arm so it was really difficult for him. But he did it! Also we were sitting in Sacrament and look out the window and one of our new investigators João was walking in! Both of our mouths literally dropped so bad because he seemed like he was TOTALLY not interested. We were SO excited. We ran out to find him because he didn't walk in the chapel, but he had left because he saw that people were wearing church clothes and he was just in regular clothes. BUMMER! Hopefully next week he comes back. He's way cool he's like 50 and in a band hahaha. I don't like the music at all but I told him I want to buy a CD from him! 

Anyway that is basically our week. On Wednesday we're going to Benfica to get our Residency, which is where we will find out if our visa went through or not. Last transfer a girl had to go home and serve there because her visa didn't work out so pray that mine does! Also we're having dinner with the half American half Portuguese family. We are singing in a wedding on Saturday and then hopefully the baptism on Sunday! It will be a good week! Hope you all have a great week! Love you and miss you.

Sister Carroll

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