Monday, August 12, 2013

Miratejo: Week 13

Before leaving Braga


   I've already been here for a week I can't believe that! Sister Hickey is super nice. She's probably never said anything negative about anything in her life. Hopefully I don't ruin her haha. My new area is like five hundred percent opposite. It's awesome! Literally the ugliest place I've ever seen but the people make up for it. Seriously probably 90 percent of the people here are from different parts of Africa so it's so sweet! There are ladies walking around balancing things on their head. They are so nice and humble it's awesome!

   It's hot hot hot here and since we're closer to the ocean there are bugs! We have bites all over our legs it feels like I'm back in Costa Rica haha. We don't know if they're mosquitoes biting us or if we have bed bugs. YUCK! Hopefully they will go away soon. There are some special leaves here that if you put them in your bed the bugs don't bite so we are going to try that soon. 

   We were teaching a lady from Santa May a couple of days ago and right in the middle of the lesson she starts feeding her baby! And when I say that I mean like... in the way you shouldn't do in front of people. We felt so awkward but it's totally normal here. Her 25 year old nephew was in the room too... NO BIG DEAL! 

   We have a lady in our ward from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Her son has lived here his whole life but he just got back from serving a mission in Florida and literally has zero accent. I thought he was American too. She's having us over for dinner this weekend. We're praying she cooks something American. Please oh please.

   We have 2 golden investigators right now, plus a bunch of other awesome ones. Castro who is like 60 and way funny. He's marked to get baptized this Saturday. He came to church yesterday and literally the whole ward just loves him! Our other one is Aylton. He's like 19 or something and he's so smart! Seriously we leave him a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon and he reads like 5. He understands everything and has questions for us. He's kind of like the perfect investigator. I think he'll be getting baptized too. 

   Oh and Kristan and Mom you wanted to know how close Lisbon is to here. It's only like 15 minutes away. I can't exactly see it from here but I can see the bridge that if you're standing on it you can see Lisbon hahaha. So there you go. Maybe I spelled my area wrong last time? It's Miratejo. Anyway, that's about all I've got for you this week. Hope everyone has a great week!! Enjoy the last bit of Summer!

Sister Carroll

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  1. Hey!! There is Elder Denney! He has been one of my best friends since Jr. High! What a small world :)