Sunday, August 11, 2013

Miratejo: Week 12

     Okay so a little bit of crazy news... I can't email today because I was transferred... AGAIN. It's been really sad we started crying last night when we got the phone call. I love love love Sister Gibbs we got really close and I really got close with a ton of our investigators. But it's part of the mission! I am now serving in Mira Tejo... Close to Lisbon. My companion is Sister Hickey. She's best friends with Jaycee Peterson actually (The Corry's cousin) Anyway Sister Miles is my roommate again too! I think we will be together the whole mission haha! I'm bummed because we have 2 baptisms this Sunday in Braga and I'm missing both! It seems to be a little habit of mine. But I'm excited to serve here. Sister Hickey is really nice. Anyway Kristan and Raymond CONGRATS on my new baby niece I seriously am so happy! I will email more tomorrow we only get 10 minutes each today so you all don't worry. Have a great day!
                                                                                                                                        Sister Carroll

   Hey! So sorry this might not be the best email but better than nothing right? :) So yeah I am now serving in Mira Tejo which is 100 percent different than my last area! Braga had tons of awesome churches and hills and greenery. Here is ALL APARTMENT BUILDINGS. Haha seriously it's so different I don't even feel like I'm in the same country. Our apartment is really new and REALLY nice. I don't know why I keep getting the nicest apartments I feel so spoiled! But it's cool.

   So the night we got the transfer phone call we were sleeping and at one in the morning Sister Gibbs did her last little sleep walk/talk thing. I think she only does it when she's stressed because it's been a while but it was the best one yet! She jumped out of bed like there was a fire alarm and just kept saying, "OH man! Okay here it is. Today's the day. Don't worry Sister Carroll we can do this. Okay Sister get up. Come on let's go! It's time. I'm so sad. It's okay though it's okay. What am I going to wear?" Then she goes in our other room that has our closets and she just like threw everything out of there looking for something to wear haha. Then she comes back and started clapping and yelling, (I have no idea how to spell it but it means yes I can in Spanish... Learned it on the Disney channel) "Si Sebuede Si Sebuede!!!" Hahaha oh man I was dying. I just kept saying, "Sister go back to bed it's one in the morning." So she just yelled, "Okay I have to go to the bathroom first!" And then she went in the bathroom, left like all the lights on in the house and got back in bed. Just passed out like nothing happened. It was so funny!

   Anyway yesterday when we were leaving my apartment in Braga the Marinhos (English Family) picked us up to take us to the train station. We had my bags in the car and as we were leaving the car key snapped in half. I felt so bad! So we had to call a taxi and literally we were sprinting to the train. The second we got on the train the doors closed and it took off. SO SO SO lucky. Then we had to get on a second train in Porto. When we got on we put all our luggage in the back, not realizing that our seats were in the front. So when the train stopped in Lisbon we were stuck behind a line of people getting off and we didn't think we would be able to get our luggage off in time. We got off the train and sprinted to the other side. We had a line of missionaries grabbing the luggage and throwing it out of the train. We BARELY got everything and everyone off and then again the train left. Seriously we just had a crazy day! But it was nice this time I didn't have to travel alone. We got picked up by a senior missionary in Lisbon and he drove us to the mission office. I got to see a ton of my friends from the MTC it was way fun! Oh and I found out that all of my mail has been going to my first area in Vila Real so if someone sent me a letter and I haven't responded, that's why. I called the Zone Leaders there and they said they'd bring it to Lisbon next time they have a meeting. Woohoo I'm excited! 

   Speaking of mail, I got a package from some of the ladies in the Hamilton Fort Ward FULL of way cute clothes! Seriously it was the nicest thing ever! I won't ever need more my whole mission haha! Mom I know I can't do much to repay them while I'm here, but seriously please tell them thank you SO much for me! I will write them all a card too. It was SO nice of them.

   So Sister Hickey is really nice. I think I told you this she has been here the same amount of time as me also. She's 19 and from Mapleton. Actually all 3 of the girls I live with are 19 and were at the MTC with me.(Sister Beard and Sister Miles) I feel so much older! Our District is way way small it's just Sister Hickey and I and then 2 Elders. One of them is also our Zone Leader. It's weird we're not even in the same zone as the sisters we live with. But it's cool! One Elder is from Portugal and one is from Brigham City, Utah.

   There aren't many people in the streets here so we have to do all door knocking. It's way different than last transfer because we had so much more success street contacting! But it will be good. 

   Well I learned my lesson to always say goodbye to my investigators and members even when I don't think I'm leaving haha! I miss them a lot already but I am excited about all the people that are progressing there. I can't wait to get the pictures of the baptisms this next week! 

   Hope everyone has a really good week! I will email again next Monday. Love you all.

                                                                                                                                            Sister Carroll

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