Monday, July 29, 2013

Braga: Week 11

     So this week just flew by as usual! I swear time is spead up times 5 on a mission I can't even believe it's P day already! Well a week from today is transfers AGAIN! I swear I just got off the train in Braga and it's already been 5 weeks! My mission will fly.
     Well the bad news is that baptism isn't going to happen anymore. Can't go into details but someone basically talked them out of it and they're not interested anymore. It's a bummer feeling but maybe some day we'll be able to help them change their mind.
     I didn't take any pictures this week. Don't kill me! Literally didn't have time and was out of batteries. I will buy more soon and try to send some next week! Good news! That family we found is totally golden. They really are so cool! They met with us on Saturday and had so many questions and were so so nice. We have a really good feeling about them! We also found this new investigator named João. He is legit. He's really into environmental stuff. He bought us bracelets and gave me a ring made out of bamboo it's way cool! He came to church on Sunday and loved it! We have a great feeling about him as well.
     Also we have still been teaching that Paulo guy. (The one that calls us prophets) We were actually talking about dropping him because he hasn't been progressing or taking anything seriously. We were teaching him the importance of prayer for the millionth time, and this time we decided we weren't backing down. It took a long time to get him to finally pray but he did it. He started crying and said he is a sinner of 40 years and that God will never talk to him. We explained that God loves him and placed him in our path not by coincidence. We saw such a change in him it was awesome! We talked for a while before the lesson about what scripture to leave him with but none were drawing our attention. Sister Gibbs said a prayer while we were teaching that she could think of a scripture to leave him and right when she flipped open the BOM she flipped to Enos. PERFECT! Was such a perfect scripture Heavenly Father totally lead her to it. He has stopped calling us prophets and is actually taking things seriously now. So glad we didn't drop him and so glad things are changing!
     Another thing that happened was that we were teaching this guy that we had knocked his door. We had such a good lesson with him he was way interested but as we left we realized we forgot to say a closing prayer with him. We were a little bummed but we just said maybe he'll walk out his door right now and we can pray with him. Right when we said that his door opens and he walked out! It was so funny we just stood there in shock. We got a prayer with him! :) Also we have this investigator named Cahue that wasn't answering our phone calls anymore! He is awesome so we were bummed so we said a prayer one morning that we would bump into him in the street. The very next day guess who we bumped in to? Braga is a big city it's not normal for us to see a familiar face so I know it wasn't a coincidence! The Lord's hand is in everything.
Well it looks like you've been getting a lot of rain too! Yesterday we were soaked head to toe because we obviously are outside in it. I had to change my clothes three times it was way funny. I love the rain though so it was a great day!
     Oh man so there is a guy that lives here in Braga that makes covers for books and is amazing! Missionaries all over Portugal send their scriptures to him to get covered. Lucky for us we can just walk to him. So we got ours done and we got them back today! I will send a picture next week. 

Anyway that is about all I have for you. Hope you all have a great week! Love you all

Sister Carroll

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