Monday, July 22, 2013

Braga: Week 10

Hey sorry this will be SO short because we went to a castle today and just got back. P day ends in 20 minutes! The castle was AMAZING. Seriously coolest day of my life hands down. I will send pictures. We took like a billion. For real. While we were walking around we bumped into Elder Beckstrand (From my MTC district) and Elder Ricks. It was really random but it was fun! They showed us around the city.
K so this week was crazy. We went on Divisions with the Sister Training Leaders Sister Alves and Patricio. From Brazil and Capo Verde. I went with Sister Alves and in the middle of our lesson she told me she needed to sit down. She turned white as a ghost and while we were trying to sit her down she totally fainted. It was so scary her eyes rolled back and she started shaking. She was having a seizure! I tried calling 911 but the number here is 112 so I was clueless. Anyway she ended up waking up after a minute and ate some food and drank some water. We tried to work again after that but she was too sick so we stayed inside all night. Felt so strange! It was an interesting division though!
We went to a members house for dinner and as she was cooking it Sister Gibbs looked over at me and started mouthing "Liver! Liver!" I thought she said "Love her" so I just said "I love her too!" Come to find out she was cooking us liver. We had to eat a lot because she kept stacking our plates. It wasn't as bad as you'd expect. It wasn't good though. Tastes and looks like funky beef. But now I can say I've eaten it!
I found out that one of my investigators in my old area, Julietta was baptized a couple days after I left! I was a little bummed I couldn't be there but I'm still really excited for her. I hope I get pictures soon!
We had a baptism set up for last Saturday but after spending days and days planning it and inviting everyone and setting up the program the Zone Leaders decided she needed to go to church one more time so we had to cancel it. That was a bummer day I'll tell you what! But it will be fine and hopefully she will be baptized in a couple of weeks!
In 2 more weeks the transfer is over! Can't believe how fast time flies. I hope Sister Gibbs and I stay together she's awesome! Crossing our fingers. I love it here! Anyway that is all I have time for today. Hope everyone has a great week!
Sister Carroll

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