Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miratejo: Week 16

João's Baptism in Braga!

Hey everyone! Another week already done. Just one more P day in this transfer. So weird!
So yeah I feel like so much happened this week I just can't think! So here's a funny story. We went to our investigator's house last Monday and she fed us. Literally every time we go there she makes a huge meal. She's a great cook but this time she made pork. It was literally 99% fat. We were eating everything around the meat but I just didn't know what we were going to do. All the sudden Aisha turns around and Sister Hickey at the speed of lightning starts shoving the pork into a napkin. Haha seriously like so fast and then shoved it in her backpack before Aisha turned around. I thought it was a great idea so the next time she turned around again we both grab napkins and were stuffing our backpacks. She didn't catch us and we didn't have to eat fat! I'm totally doing that every time from now on.
So remember when I told you all my mail from first transfer got sent to my old area and I never got it? Well I called the Zone Leaders that are in my first area and they brought it! So I finally found out that Kelsey graduated high school. Woohoo! I was worried! But yeah so anyone who wrote me in May I'm sorry I never responded! It felt like Christmas reading them all though. Also best part is when I first got to Portugal I accidentally left my shoes at our hotel in Lisbon. They have been lost ever since and they got them to me too! Sorry mom I didn't want to tell you before because I knew you'd be upset but they're back! Woohoo time to break them in!
So remember last week I said Castro wouldn't answer? Yeah we turned phsycho stalkers this week. We stopped by his old house (he just moved) and talked to his friends, called him every day and then started to call his friends. Finally Friday we bumped in to one of his friends (not by coincidence) and he walked us and showed us which house was Castro´s. He wasn't home Friday so we stopped by on Saturday. We rang his doorbell and he answered! We seriously were freaking out so excited! He let us come up but we couldn't come in because we didn't have another girl with us so we called our friend Tereza who came and helped us. Haha he told us that he has been having a week of reflecting on life and didn't talk to anyone. Last week on the day of his baptism he had everything ready to go, like all his white clothes, and then some family came over so he couldn't come... He said he wants to be baptized this Saturday so we will see. He came to church yesterday but hopefully things go well this week! He is such a cool guy!
Oh so there are 8 missionaries here and we all go to the same church building. It was 2 districts but we saw each other all the time so it felt like 1. Anyway, the two Elders that were here had to be emergency transferred, so we got two new Elders this week here. Elder Beckstrand and Elder Bryan. They both were in the MTC with me so now we have 6 missionaries here in our 3rd transfer, and our districts were combined into one.
Ahh man I'm super bummed that the whole family is there but me! And Uncle Robert is coming? Gosh haha that will be awesome! Make sure you take pictures. I seriously have asked like ten trillion times but Kelsey probably forgets haha but can you guys send me pictures of things? Haha I want an updated picture of Ammon and Lincoln and Ellie May when you get one haha.
This week on Friday we're going to the Adriano family's house again for dinner. They're making Mexican food which I never thought I would miss but they don't sell salsa, tortillas, or anything like that here. So we're excited! We will probably be going back to Benfica to get my residency this week too. Hopefully I can stay! Haha I can't think of anything else but I hope everyone has a great week! Miss you all and can't wait to hear from you!
Sister Carroll

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