Monday, September 9, 2013

Miratejo: Week 17


Can't believe this is our last P day in this transfer! I think I will stay here at least 2 more transfers but... as we all know, I'm never right so we will see!

First things first. Kelsey and Aimee. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kelsey I'm freaked out that you're 19 today because I thought I was still 19. And Aimee I'm freaked out that you're 22 tomorrow because that means I'm next!!! Ahh haha but I hope you both have the best birthdays ever! I will be thinking of you here!
So this week was good. On Wednesday we got a notice that our electricity was being shut off because we hadn't paid. Usually the mission office takes care of it but since we are in a brand new apartment it's the first time this has happened. So we found a bill and sent it to them but they didn't get it for a few days. So it was interesting! All of our food in the fridge and freezer rotted so we were eating handfuls of dry cereal for food hahaha. It was also interesting showering with just a small flashlight and trying to study and plan in the dark. But it was fun! After a few days they turned it back on and we had a party! We were being watched over though because we literally got fed by members or investigators 6 times this week. I honestly like no joke think I gained like 10 pounds this week. You wouldn't believe how much food they make you eat here!!! Ahh!
The Adrianos (Half American family) fed us again. They are awesome! They made Mexican food and we thought we were going to die it was so good. We were stressing about what spiritual thought we would leave with them, and finally decided on Helaman 5:12 and I shared a personal story about how sometimes our friends aren't good influences on us and we have to make the choice to stop hanging out with them. The mom said it came at the perfect time because they have a kid struggling with good friends right now! It's crazy how we're prompted to say things. Really was a cool experience for me! We also ate with a recent convert a couple of days ago. The mom and the 14 year old daughter (Iolanda and Jessica) are members but the rest of the family isn't. Their older daughter was visiting and she's pregnant with a girl! It made me think of Kristan I felt like she was my big sister haha.

Oh I had to go back to Benfica to get my residency, but this time I had to go ALONE! Me alone in Portugal isn't a good mix. I got on the wrong train and went to some random city. This time I can speak a little bit better Portuguese so I was able to find my way back thank goodness. But I was the only sister and spent the day with all Elders. I just have to warn you guys I got a sneak peak of how awkward I'm going to be when I get home. I felt so uncomfortable haha. I used to love being alone sometimes too but now I feel so lonely! Hahah it was way funny.
So we have a rule on our mission that we can't speak English except for sometimes in our house. Just Portuguese. Let me tell you it is hard! But it's getting easier and sometimes even in our house I forget I can speak English. Maybe some day I will get the hang of it! It's so funny sometimes we'll knock a door and start speaking to people and they'll say, "Sorry I don't speak English." And we'll be like, "...Oh we were trying to speak in Portuguese." hahaha. One time someone said, "Sorry I don't speak French." And I just said, "Great because neither do we!" That just shows you how good our Portuguese is. But we're improving!
So today we're doing a district P day and going to this place called Cristo Rei. It's basically a GIANT statue of Christ that you climb to the top and take pictures. I will send pictures next P day. Should be fun! Also our neighbor has this evil creature that I think is a dog that barks at us every time we pass. It looks exactly like an Eewok on Star Wars. Yes I know I spelled that wrong but I can't use google. But it snorts at us and tries to jump out the window but there's glass there. Hahaha I will send you a picture of that too. Seriously though dogs here HATE us. I have no doubt that I'll get attacked some day.
You know you're in Portugal when if someone has a house they are considered a millionaire. Seriously I've been in 3 houses in my entire mission. We were tracting in this neighborhood the other day and saw a bunch of houses. We were freaking out like does a King live here or something? We are so spoiled it's ridiculous.

So I'm sure you're all wanting to hear about Castro. I think I already told you about when he prayed in the chapel and decided to get baptized. We went to have his interview with the elders and right when they started he said he wanted to move the date to next Saturday because his wife is flying in from Angola and he wants her to see it. It's a great reason to postpone it, I just hope he's not getting cold feet. He's AWESOME! But we have him marked for this weekend. Cross your fingers! Ailton is also super close. He has no doubts he just wants to know FOR SURE! So we are working hard with him and have him marked for this weekend as well. They are both SO ready for baptism it's insane.
Anyway, that's about all for this week. Hope everyone is enjoying school starting! Someone send me pictures! Haha like printed pictures. My photo book is sad. Love you and miss you all!
Sister Carroll 

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