Monday, September 16, 2013

Miratejo: Week 18

Castro's Baptism!
Cristo Rei

Our Backyard...
So excited that we're all staying!

Guess what?! 

CASTRO GOT BAPTIZED!!! Yeah I have never been so happy in my life! It was the coolest day ever. He showed up to church in a fancy suit like so pumped! There were two other ladies who were baptized too. One is 90 years old! She told everyone she was 100 because she lost track. Hahaha she's hilarious and so short. Anyway so when he got out of the font we could hear him from the other room saying, "Maravilha! Fantástica!" It was so cute!!! He kept saying how happy he felt. I felt like a proud mama for real! It's embarrassing because he's 60. Anyway, GREAT way to spend the last day of our transfer!

Speaking of transfers you probably want to know what happened huh? I'm STAYING! Can you believe that? It was somewhat surprising. Haha no just kidding I think I will stay here for a long time! Sister Hickey and Sister Miles are staying too!! Actually last night we got the phone call and they said all four of us are staying. So we celebrated and we were all way happy! This morning Sister Beard got a phone call saying she is getting emergency transferred because another sister broke her back. I felt way bad for her because she was sad to leave... until I find out she's going to Madeira Islands!!! Yeah don't feel bad anymore. Lucky duck.

Oh this week I had a tragic accident. I was writing in my missionary planner aka not paying attention and stepped in a big pile of doggy doo doo. First time on my mission! According to all of the missionaries who have been here longer... it definitely won't be my last so cheers to that! It's also the day that our investigator Aisha said I'm fat so... gotta love the honest Portuguese people!

I'm trying to think of what else happened! OH so we're totally scared because this week President Fluckiger was in France with M. Russell Ballard and Dallin H. Oaks. So basically we think our mission is going to be split next month because Elder Ballard is over the missionary department and our mission is like overflowing. I will be so sad if it does. 

Dad I know your birthday isn't until Sunday, and I will tell you again next week but HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY! I will be thinking of you!

Anyway that is seriously all I can think of because I forgot my other planner that had all my P day notes. But I miss you all and love you all! Have a GREAT week!!!

Sister Carroll

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