Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miratejo: Week 19

Hello everyone! 

Dad how was your birthday yesterday? Hope you had a good day and did something fun! Kristan Happy Birthday this week! I'll be thinking of you!

So this week nothing crazy happened so I'm sorry but you're going to get a boring email haha! So our new roommate is Sister Williams. Do you remember me talking about her at the MTC? She's the one that got super sick and had to stay when we all left for Portugal. Anyway she's had a lot of health problems on the mission so she was going to be sent to the islands, but at the last second they kept her here. I feel so bad for her! But they want her close to the Mission President. We got two new Elders here too. One was in the MTC with me and the other is BRAND NEW! Poor guy. Seriously I forgot about what it feels like that first week but he'll catch on quick!

Bad news. Ailton moved! He is the one that is 19 and was SO close to baptism. He's the coolest kid ever! Anyway last Sunday he was telling us that he was going to find out where he was going to school in a couple of days and that he was going to move. Well I figured it was like the States where you get accepted to a school and have a little while to wait until it starts. NOPE! He moved the next day and we didn't even get to say goodbye! So sad! We passed his name over to the missionaries in Lisbon so hopefully they can make friends with him and teach him soon!

Castro was confirmed yesterday! He was so excited and even wore a tie to church. (He hates doing that) He is doing so great participating in Sunday School, reading and studying probably harder than I am. Last Monday we had an FHE with Castro and a couple of members, Maria João, Carlos, and Sebastião. It was really fun! Basically we shared a quick message and the rest of the time they just talked and talked and talked. BFFS already haha. Castro is working towards getting the Priesthood soon and will be going to the temple next month! SO excited for him. 

Today we all went to a mall called Almada Forum for Pday. It was way fun but so weird! I forgot what it was like to be a real person... Haha we were looking in the shops and I was like well that is cute but can't wear it for another year! Fun to window shop though right? 

So we have an investigator named Mario. He's just this guy that is always sitting outside doing nothing and is always SWARMED with flies. Literally everywhere. I always wondered why he doesn't like being in his house, but then we asked if he could show us where he lived so we can pick him up for church. Now I know why he's never home! He lives in this place that is so beat up I just couldn't believe it. It has a door that is rotting away and isn't even on the hinges so anyone can walk in. You just lift it up and move it to come in. He walked in one of the rooms and the entire floors were flooded with water. It didn't have any furniture or doors or cabinets or food or anything. I don't even know how someone could live in those conditions I feel like living outside would be healthier. Goodness it made me appreciate my life SO MUCH! He also has a 15 year old daughter in law who has a baby. I just can't imagine a life like that. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

Anyway this week we have Zone Conference with the Mission President again. It will be good! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the end of September. Can you believe I hit my 6 month mark in less than 2 weeks? I can't. Love you all!

Sister Carroll

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