Monday, September 30, 2013

Miratejo: Week 20

Hello everyone!

Kristan hope you had a great birthday on Friday! I was thinking about you!  

This week has been raining like CRAZY! Literally all day every day. It's been really fun actually and I would take this over snow ANY day. Umbrellas don't do much when the wind is blowing it at an angle so we basically come home drenched every day haha. If we don't get sick I'll be surprised! But I love it!

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday with our zone and another combined. Once again they called and asked me to give a talk.  I feel like the odds are against me. Out of 12 sisters I was the only one who had to give a talk. I hate it because I just shake and turn red and stutter but at least I can always use the excuse that I don't know the language...? Haha no it was fine. I love Zone Conference it always gets us super excited to work!

Well we had 3 people this week ask us if we were from Ukraine. I have no idea why, but at least I know one thing. I no longer have an American accent! WOOHOO!!! Ukrainean accents must be the next step.

We have been teaching an AWESOME lady named Bella. I love her! She is the coolest lady. She has gone through a lot. She has breast cancer and actually a year ago some Elders talked with her at her door and invited her to church. She really wanted to go but was too sick so she told them maybe one day she'd get the strength. Well then we randomly knocked on her door a year later and she was perfectly ready to go with us. So cool huh? She works almost every day so we've only been able to teach her the first 2 lessons so far, but she's already gotten an answer that the Book of Mormon is true and come to church twice! Things are looking really good with her. She's so nice. The first lesson we taught her she cooked us lunch and the second time we passed by she had baked us a cake! Haha she's a saint.

Castro is still doing great. He brought a friend with him to church yesterday. Little missionary already! We actually had lots of people in church yesterday which was a shock. It's SO difficult to get people to wake up and go especially because they have to walk (no one has cars) but they did it even in the rain! I'm really excited about the people we are teaching this transfer!

Today for P day Sister Hickey was feeling a little homesick so she just started baking hahaha. She baked like peach cobler and pumpkin cookies. We had to buy real pumpkin and smoosh it because they don't sell it in a can here. It was hilarious. We watched 17 miracles (first time I've seen it) and you will be proud to hear that I didn't cry even ONE tear. It's an awesome movie though! 

Anyway, that's about all that's happened this week. Sorry I have no pictures. I'm HORRIBLE especially since it's been raining I don't want to take my camera outside. But I hope everyone had/will have a great week! Love you and miss you!!

Sister Carroll

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