Friday, October 25, 2013

Miratejo: Week 23


Okay nothing really crazy happened this week so hopefully this isn't boring. First of all, one week from today is transfers so I'm freaking out. I think Sister Hickey is going to be leaving me and every missionary here thinks I'll be training so I'm really scared! Hopefully he just makes Sister Hickey stay with me one more :)

Dad you have some explaining to do. We were at the Santos house and I had to hear from an Angolan guy that Dwight Howard is no longer on the Lakers... Ummm?

Castro went to the temple on Friday and Saturday! The Bishop asked him to bear his testimony in church about his experience and he LOVED it! He used like 90 adjectives describing it like marvelous, extraordinary, incredible, fantastic, yeah the list goes on. I'm really glad he was able to go! He has been working with the Elders teaching other investigators and is a pro!

Unfortunately Bela had some friends ask a question about the church so she went to google to find the answer. She read a bunch of anti Mormon literature and now she's really confused. It's so sad but we are going to meet with her and try to help her with all her questions. Also the family is still marked for baptism this Saturday but they are struggling with the purpose of tithing. We are going to have Bishop help us out this week and hopefully we can explain it better with his help. It was THE most difficult lesson of my mission so far!

The Santos family had us over for dinner again yesterday. Seriously they're like our family here I love them! We had beef stew and apple pie haha they always try to bake American stuff so that we'll like it! They're way nice. We also had an FHE with a younger couple and Castro on Monday. They're super nice and I felt like I was in America in their house, except that we were speaking a different language. It's way fun to get to know members!

Oh on Saturday we were walking to our area, and from our house it takes an hour just to walk to the edge of our area. We were trying to take a different path that would be faster. Well we ended up walking for 2 hours and recognized nothing, so we were asking for directions and we were super far away. We knocked a door and after we explained who we are and about the church Sister Hickey says, "Sorry sir just one more question. Where are we?" He laughed so hard. We ended up being in the area of some Elders in our Zone all the way by the ocean. We just had to laugh it was so ridiculous. Yeah our District Leader thought it was funny too because we ended up walking 13 miles that day. Leave it to us to get lost. 

Yesterday we went to a baptism that the Elders had, and the guy was SO scared to get in the water. It took a couple of minutes for him to just walk into it because he was trying not to get his clothes wet but they were just like, yeah... you're going to go all the way under the water... Then after they said the baptism prayer he like was so scared to go under. It literally took another ten minutes to get him baptized. They tried getting a chair and that didn't work. He had like 5 guys up there trying to give him a pep talk. Castro is his friend because he helped teach him and he went up there and was just like, "Don't worry Alceeds! Elder Beckstrand will keep you safe. You just go like this." And then he starts demonstrating how to do it like bending backwards hahah. He got him to do it though! It was a strange little reunion.

Anyway that is really about it. Sorry it's boring but hope you all have a great week! Love ya

Sister Carroll

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