Monday, October 28, 2013

Miratejo: Week 24

Hey everyone! Today was transfers. I am staying in Miratejo again. Sister Hickey and Sister Miles left me :( SIster Williams is staying and actually two other girls are moving in temporarily so there will be six of us in our house. My new companion is SIster Taylor from Dallas, Texas. She's 20, one of 10 kids in her family and every single one has gone on a mission so far (6 of them) She has two sisters in Brazil right now. She went to BYU before her mission. She's really nice and I talked to my old Zone Leader who said she's an incredible missionary so I'm excited to work with her. She's only had 2 transfers so far so it will be fun! 

Not much happened this week. There was LOTS of rain and it's been getting colder every day. On Wednesday it rained so hard that there was a GIANT flash flood. We were walking home and water came out of nowhere! It got so high up that it was up to the car handles on all the cars parked on the street. We had to take a different way home but it was AWESOME! I've never seen so much rain in my life. Another storm hit us on Friday. Our temporary phone got so wet it died and Sister Hickey's planner was destroyed. I thought the rain was going to take us away it was NUTS but awesome. 

I forgot to tell you a few weeks ago I finished the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and Preach My Gospel basically all at the same time. I'm in Acts in the New Testament now. I feel like just reading them has helped me understand everything SO much more. It feels good to be able to finally say I've read them too!

Last night we went to say goodbye to some of our recent converts and investigators because Sister Hickey knew she was probably going to leave. Castro made us a huge dinner after we had already eaten I thought I was going to die! One of the things he gave us was plain garlic. We stunk so bad. Probably still do. I almost threw up and had to shove some of the food in napkins and in my pocket again haha. It was SO nice of him though!  Also Sister Hickey got me a going away gift. Cat and dog stickers, chocolate coconut and mints, She's so cute.

Yeah that's about it! They don't celebrate Halloween here I don't remember if I told you but Happy Halloween this week! Hope you all have a great week and hope to hear from you soon!

Sister Carroll

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