Saturday, November 9, 2013

Miratejo: Week 25

Castro's first time to the temple!

Hey everyone,
I forgot my planner at home that had what happened this week, so hopefully I don't forget everything. It's been a great week though! So different than last transfer, but I love it! Sister Taylor my new companion is a BOSS! I seriously feel like I've learned more from her in one week than I've learned in 6 months. I'm super excited. We have been finding some AWESOME people.
Tony we found last Tuesday. He's from Santa May and wants to be a model in America hahaha. Okay he seemed crazy at first and he is a little bit, but after we had taught him a few times we realized he's awesome! He takes notes during our lessons and reads in between. We marked him to be baptized in two weeks. The tricky part with him is he doesn't have a car or a way to church so we're trying to figure out something for that. He's great though!
Isabelle we found on Tuesday as well. She used to live in England so she speaks really well! While she was living there she had a member friend who talked to her a little bit about the church so she said she's been really interested in learning more. She's having a hard time right now because her mom is dying and she's going through a divorce, so she definitely needs help right now. She's great though she studies in between lessons and we're super excited about her!
Sariah we actually found Tuesday as well. It was a great day haha. We had a goal of how many new investigators we would find, and we needed one more to meet our goal when we only had 15 minutes left in the day, so it wasn't looking hopeful. We said a prayer that we would reach our goal and right when we finished we looked up the street and saw a lady carrying her groceries. We went and helped her and she said she's heard of us before. She's really good friends with Bela! Her name is Dulce but goes by Sweet Cake... Hahaha. Anyway she asked if we wanted to go in her house and meet her family so we did! She has three kids and one of them is Sariah. She's having a hard time making friends so her mom said she wants her to meet with us and get help from the Lord. She is 17 and the cutest nicest girl ever. Basically I want our family to adopt her.
The Mendez Family has been super busy lately but we're still teaching them. We had a lesson with Bishop the other day and I think it went really well. They are a very united family so they are trying to take things slow and see what is best for everyone. They're so cool! I think things will go well with them!
Okay enough about that. That's just a little catch up. We're still living with 6 girls in a little apartment with one toilet and one shower so it's been interesting. It's SO fun though. The extra two are actually moving out today so I'm bummed. It will be really quiet in our house! Right now we have a girl from Arizona, Brazil, Idaho, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. It's fun to think about how we never would have met each other if we weren't on missions!
Oh we dressed up as Elders for Halloween. They're not on my camera so I'll have to send them next week. That's about all we did. No one celebrates here! Except we did have 3 little kids trick or treat at our house so Sister Galloway gave them cookies. Kind of creepy but it was funny!
Oh funny story. Sister Taylor's grandparents are from Lander, Wyoming. No one has heard of Lander!!! Hahaha. Their names are Demar and Elaine Taylor not sure if you've heard of them. Also, her niece was born 3 weeks ago and they named her Ellie. She's copying my life! Hahah.
Oh yeah so we knocked this door the other day and it's one of those apartment things that you have to buzz people in. So someone buzzed us in and it was dark in the building so I was walking down the stairs and thought I was already at the bottom. Yeah there was one more stair so I totally biffed it and landed on my hands and knees. Then I was laughing my head off but the people had already opened their door to talk to us so we had to talk to them while not laughing. Hardest door contact of my life. It was hilarious though. I have some cool bruises. Of course.
I can't really think of anything else other than to answer your questions, this transfer ends December 8th so Christmas is next transfer. That is so crazy. I'll be talking to you all next month! Time is going so fast I hit my 7 month mark yesterday. Oh PS SCORE! This girl in our ward just got home from her mission in Brazil on Thursday or something and she wants to help us like all the time! We're going to have a native speaker fresh RM to help us I'm pumped! That's about it. Have a great week everyone!

Sister Carroll

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