Monday, November 11, 2013

Miratejo: Week 26

Dressing up as Elders on Halloween! 
This is what you dress like when you are freezing and don't have any blankets or sweatshirts! hahaha
With Jessica, a recent convert
Relief Society Activity making bracelets, pretty good turn out for Portugal!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great week. I'll try to remember a few things that happened here haha. My brain never works anymore.
First thing... we had divisions on Tuesday! The Sister Training Leaders are the same ones from last transfer. One from Brazil, one from Texas. This time I went with the Brazilian, Sister Nygri. She's super nice. She's the one who went on a mission because of her sister remember? Anyway, they were shocked at how far of a walk our area is from our house. They called the office elders and asked if they could buy us bus passes. We'll see what happens with that.
I don't think I've ever told you this but Sister Williams (my roommate) and I go running every morning, and last week this lady came outside and said she's been watching us run for months (not in a creepy way...) and always wanted to get the courage to ask if she could run with us. She's so nice and even though we basically have to walk it will be good because the sisters started teaching her this week! There are so many random ways to find people to teach haha.
We had a Relief Society activity on Saturday. We brought Bela because she needs to make friends and rely less on us. It was good at the end she was laughing with other sisters and I felt like a proud mama watching my kid play with other kids at recess. They made a bunch of Christmas decorations and bracelets and stuff. Mormons are the same everywhere hahaha.
Our investigators I told you about last week have been a lot different this week. Tony dumped us. He's a DJ and said he doesn't want to give up his partying and night life. It was really sad but maybe some day some other missionaries will find him and he'll be ready. The Mendez Family basically dumped us too. The mom said she's not ready to accept it at this point in her life yet but that the son Nelson still wants to be baptized. They said we can continue to teach their family, but it was really sad. We taught about Eternal Families afterwards and I hope they felt something. Isabelle hasn't let us meet her at all this week. She has been really busy with her mom and work, so yeah... Sariah also has been busy so we haven't taught her much, but she's still a really cute girl.
We found a new lady to teach name Rose. She started off super anti religion and said she'd never step foot in a church building. We taught her and at the end of the lesson she had done a complete 180º. She is actually moving to a different area which is a bummer but when we told her the missionaries there would teach her she said, "Ahh can't you guys teach me?" I wish!! She said the closing prayer and in it she said she couldn't wait to go to church with us. We were pumped! That is one of the craziest turn arounds I've seen. The Spirit changes people!

Other than that the work has been a little slow this week. We are trying our best and that's all we can do. We walked for 2 hours the other day knocking doors and literally we saw one human being that entire time. Haha but we will find some elects this week!
We have Zone Conference this week and interviews with President. Those are always great so I'm excited! I still love my companion. She's so fun and nice! I love my mission too! I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Carroll

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