Monday, November 18, 2013

Miratejo: Week 27


So sorry if I don't have time to respond to everyone today. My computer keeps freezing so I have just been waiting and waiting for it to unfreeze.
Anyway this week was good. We had Zone Conference/President Interviews on Thursday. It was great! I learned a lot. Our AP's are really good missionaries! Sister Fluckiger gave us a new book the church is giving to missionaries to manage stress. It's actually a really good book I bet it will help a lot of missionaries. We got to see our old roommates so that was fun. And I got my package! WOOHOO! Thanks so much mom (family) for sending that! My roommates and I LOVE IT! You're the BEST! Oh and they didn't bring the mail just the packages so I still haven't gotten the pictures mom. Probably next time though!!
Oh so you know how our area is super far away? Well they let us get a bus pass so we got to travel to Cacilhas to get one. It's right on the ocean so we got to be like SO CLOSE to the water! It was nuts. But get this. Sister Taylor has NEVER been to/seen the ocean in her life. I still can't fathom that but it was her first time seeing it so of course we had to take pictures! It was super freezing and windy but we had to document the moment. We were taking a selfie and a German lady walked up and offered to take a picture for us. We ended up talking to her in her broken English and my VERY broken German and found out she's from Munich. She hasn't ever heard of the church but she took us to her husband because he speaks English better and he's seen missionaries in Frankfurt! Haha Ryan maybe he saw you one time! Anyway we didn't have anything in German obviously but we gave them the church website so maybe they'll check it out. I was SO excited to tell Ryan. Hopefully you think it's cool bro. Hahaha.
Oh yeah we are teaching this girl that I actually taught 2 transfers ago with Sister Hickey. Did I ever tell you about Naidinia? Anyway, now we're not sure if her name is Naidinia or Emidia (long story), but Bishop asked us to go visit her. I didn't know it was the same girl because it was a different address but when I got there I was like OH NO! This girl was completely mean to us and wanted nothing to do with the church before. But then we walk in and she's being totally nice to us. I was like what the?! We taught her the first lesson again and in the end she told us she's gone through a lot of changes lately and is a different person. She said she read part of the Book of Mormon, prayed about it and knows it's true. We marked her to be baptized this Sunday! She came to church yesterday and honestly she's 100% a different person now. It totally made me realize that sometimes people just aren't ready but are always being prepared and we're planting seeds! I'm glad Bishop told us to go back over there because we had given up on her!
We found out our Mission Christmas party is on November 30th. I am super excited to see all the people in my old districts and my old companions! We get to take a boat to Lisbon so I'm stoked. Also it was literally the coldest week in the history of the world. I think I'm going to die so just giving you a warning. You better believe I'm going to a Chinese store right now and buying the thickest ugliest socks and beanie ever. Anyway, that's about it. We're going to Cristo Rei again today because none of the rest of the missionaries here have been yet. Should be fun! Have a great week everyone! Love you.

Sister Carroll

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