Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miratejo: Week 28

Neidinha's Baptism!
FHE at Castro's!


So today is Sister Taylor's birthday. She's 21! There's not a lot you can do on a mission but we have been having a fun day! :) Grandma Curry I hope you have a great birthday this week! Mom and dad happy anniversary yesterday! And Brynley & John and Michelle & Erik happy anniversary last week!

So yesterday Neidinha got baptized! It was awesome. It was a double baptism with the other ward. They baptized a guy named Pedro who has been marked for baptism so many times since even before I got here! It was awesome. Neidinha's mom told us we had to make a cake for it (it's the culture thing) and so we asked Sister Adriano for a recipe. It was really easy so it wasn't too bad. Everything went well though! 

The Adrianos invited us and the Elders to have Thanksgiving with them at a buffet restaurant on Thursday! (The half American Family) They are emailing President Fluckiger to get permission because it's out of both of our areas. We are excited though because we thought we wouldn't be celebrating it! 

On Thursday Castro invited us over to have Family Night. Since a couple of members invited him over when he was first baptized he decided to invite another recent convert over and do the same. He went ALL out though. He had a church film on when we walked in and had a HUGE meal prepared from Santa May where the recent convert is from. It was awesome he is hilarious!

Oh we found out a few days ago that a girl in our mission broke her leg and so they're moving two new sisters in with us. They will be working in the office that is here attached to our chapel and only proceliting for about 2 to 3 hours a day. We don't have room in our house to comfortably live 6 but we're going to have to get used to it! haha. One of them is American and the other was born in Peru but lives in Italy now and is 37 years old. Hopefully they're cool we'll find out soon.

This week our shower completely broke and leaked all over the house. The water dripped into the neighbors house below us and got her entire house wet too. She threatened to call the police on us if we ever showered again and it was a huge mess but we got it somewhat fixed. We had to go a day without showering though. SICK! We used a lot of perfume and baby powder though don't worry. 

Oh I found out that it was a rumor about our Christmas party this weekend! It's going to be next month instead but this weekend we are having a conference with 8 of our zones and we're going to be hearing from Elder Dyches who is in the 70. He spoke this past General Conference or maybe in April but I'm excited to hear him speak! I get to see Sister Gibbs and Sister Hickey and a bunch of my other friends I can't wait! There will be probably 175 of us there! 

Anyway that is about it. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Thankful for you all! :) Love you

Sister Carroll

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