Monday, December 16, 2013

Miratejo: Week 30


So guess what? I am staying in Miratejo! This will be my fourth transfer here haha. Six months in one place it's NUTS! We were all shocked and I did something embarrassing... I was already packed! I just wanted to be prepared because the last two times I got transferred I was up all night packing but now I get to unpack hahaha. For sure I will be leaving next time though. But it's okay because I was sad to leave these people and I love Sister Taylor so it will be fun to stay one more! My District leader got transferred to BRAGA! Lucky duck haha. We got a new roommate Sister Wach. She seems nice! 

We are going to have our Christmas party on December 19th now. Luckily I'm in the big group so I will be able to see a lot of my friends! It will be fun. We're doing a white elephant thing and not sure what else. It's so weird it totally doesn't feel like Christmas here at all! No snow and my area has no Christmas decorations! Haha probably a good thing though so we don't get homesick!

So also I'm glad I am staying here because Jessica and Fabarisia were supposed to be baptized yesterday but an hour before their interview they decided they wanted to wait until this Saturday. I was okay with them waiting just really bummed that I wouldn't be at the baptism but now I will get to see it! They are so cool I love them! 

Oh we had Family Night last week with Irma Fatima and Presidente Estrella and they dared me to eat a pepper. No one else would do it so of course I was trying to be cool and I ate it. MAN it was hot. My eyes were just watering like crazy and I was sweating! Haha one of the members there was laughing so hard and was like oh man you're going to feel that tomorrow! (If you know what I mean.) Luckily nothing happened but it was way funny.

Oh yesterday Castro blessed the sacrament! He was so nervous but he did a great job and as he sat down after you could tell he was so proud of himself haha I was laughing. It was way cool to see though. His progress from the beginning to now is crazy! Bela made me a cute little coin pouch because she thought I was leaving. I love the people here! 

Oh Kristan just so you know you must have really been following the spirit when you bought me that American deoderant. Hahaha I didn't want to tell you this but... the Portuguese deoderant does squat. We all stink. I literally almost cried when I saw that. THANK YOU. (And for everything else. LOVED IT ALL!)

I heard about the I-15 closing. Random huh? That's the joy of having a member here whose kids live in Utah/Vegas! Haha. I get all the updates on home! Stay safe! Don't drive in that stuff!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Oh yeah we don't have a ton of information yet about Skyping on Christmas but I know that the maximum time is 40 minutes. So don't expect a long time! Let me know what time works best for you all there because we might be able to go skype you whenever I'm not sure yet!

Love you all! 

Sister Carroll

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