Monday, December 16, 2013

Miratejo: Week 31


Hope everyone had a great week! It was a fast and fun week for us here! Saturday we had our Ward Christmas party. The Young Women/Young Men from our ward and one other combined and did a play basically like Scrooge only a few things were different. It was cute and they worked really hard on it! It was fun. They asked us missionaries to participate too so after thinking forever we finally came up with an idea. I don't know how to explain it, but it's like "If I wasn't a missionary I'd be..." And then we act out some kind of job what we would be and have actions and as we all go we almost hit each other but barely get out of the way in time. I was supposed to be a racecar driver but two of the elders didn't show up so I had to replace one as a cop. It's hard to explain if you don't see it. But we have it videoed. You can watch it when I get home haha!

Anyway so it was actually a really funny skit thing. Everyone was dying laughing and Portuguese people don't laugh a lot. All the kids in the wards were quoting us the whole night and at church the next day. They knew every word and action it was hilarious. We did it twice the first time we could see and the second time we were blindfolded. I accidentally hit Elder Walker in the face so... whoops. Castro was Santa Clause at the party. Perfect role for him! Also he brought Sister Taylor and I nativity scenes. I don't know where he got them but mine is AWESOME! I think it's home made but it's so cute I was way excited. 

On Sunday we had the Primary Program. They asked me to be the pianist and I had to play 13 songs. We only got to practice through one time each song so it was fun haha. We have a keyboard piano that plays hymns so I thought I was being tricky and I used the automatic keyboard instead of actually playing on one song... It came out playing the organ so everyone knew what I did hahaha. Whoops. I'm embarrassing.

We had divisions this week with the Sister Training Leaders. We went to find a house of a less active member and we were not able to find the address it was so weird! So we were walking around asking people for help with directions and this older man says, "Hey I'm a member of your church!" His name is Manuel and he took us and showed us where he lived and said that he moved to Holland after he was baptized and lost track of the church there. When he came back he couldn't remember how to get to the chapel so he was so excited! He came with us last night to the Christmas Devotional and was so happy because now he remembers how to get to the chapel and can come to church every week. He's the nicest man in the world he told us that he was best friends with the Elders and then they had to leave. He said when we leave he's going to cry again. Poor guy. He invited us to come celebrate his birthday on Wednesday. He's awesome!

Oh the other two sisters that were living with us moved out today. It was probably hard for them because they've been living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks and didn't have a bedroom or study room so I'm sure they're happy. It will be quiet again in our apartment haha! 

Oh Jessica and Fabricia the two cousins... They went out of town for a few days and ever since they came back they've been avoiding us. We tried passing by every day but they're kind of hiding. It's sad because we don't know what happened but we finally bumped into one of them yesterday in the street and set up to come back on Wednesday. Hopefully it works out! 

We are having our Christmas party on Thursday. We haven't gotten our packages yet but we will at the party. I'm excited to see everyone again! Also we still don't know the situation with Christmas skype calls. It might just be like whatever time works for you guys we can call. Kristan and Raymond are you going to be in Cedar or Panaca for Christmas? Ryan and Aimee and the boys will be driving to D.C. right? Maybe anyone who's not there you can put on speaker phone or something because I want to talk to everyone! Just remember we're 7 hours ahead here so let me know what time you want me to call. It would have to be like 1:00 or earlier otherwise it'd be too late here. 

Okay well that's everything I think. Hope you all have a great week! Love you.

Sister Carroll

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  1. You are just darling! I love reading your posts and catching up on how you've been! You are doing great things, Sister!! Keep it up! Love you!