Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 36

Guess what? I am leaving Miratejo! But even crazier is guess where I'm going? I'm going to the Madeira islands! It's the one that was on the Bachelorette this year. I am going to be serving with Sister Lofgreen. I have heard she's an amazing missionary. She only has one more transfer after this one. She used to be a Sister Training Leader so she must be great! I am really sad to leave. Honestly we have had SO many miracles here this week and we have 4 baptisms coming up so I am sad to leave but at least I will get pictures and I will always remember them. I'm just grateful for all the time I got to spend here.

Castro and Bela cried when I said bye to them. I could hardly hold it in haha. Castro gave me this African rhino statue it is SICK! He is coming to Utah to visit this winter though. The Mendez Family said they wouldn't continue taking the lessons if I leave but I think the son bonded with Sister Taylor last night a little bit better and he is so ready to be baptized. He wants to serve a mission too! 

So I only get to bring one bag with me so it will be a light travel but it will be awesome. I fly out at 4:00 this afternoon. I have heard the islands are gorgeous but that no one has teeth, the food is gross, you gain a ton of weight, and the rain is going to kick my butt. Haha oh well bring it on I guess huh? 

I am excited for this adventure! Sorry I am only allowed 15 minutes today so got to go but love you all! Have a great week! 

Sis Carroll

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