Thursday, January 16, 2014

Miratejo: Week 35

This is what you do when you're ghetto and it's raining!

Happy New Year!
Taynara, Mayara & Fabricia at our ward movie night

Hey everyone!
Sorry I wasn't able to email last week. (Also this email might be short because I'm going as fast as I can but my fingers are frozen so it's slow haha) It was SO hard especially after seeing I have a NIECE! Haha oh my goodness congrats Kristan and Raymond she is BEAUTIFUL! I already love her so much! I am sad she has been having a hard time but I'm so happy you guys got to go home yesterday! How is she doing now? I can't believe how tiny she is! Send me pictures of her in the mail so I can have them :) Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LIncoln! I cannot believe that he is already one year old! That was the fastest year of my life! Give him a hug from me. :)
Well it's the last week of the transfer. I am almost 100 percent positive I'm leaving here because 4 transfers in one place is RARE but 5 is unheard of so I am a little sad to be leaving. It's kind of like leaving home except that I don't know if I'll ever see these people again. I am just grateful that I was able to spend so much time in this area. It's AWESOME!
It has been a weird week with the weather. One day it pours rain and the next it's sunny. Our feet are soaked and actually since they're so wet the skin on the bottom of my feet basically just peeled off. Haha my feet have scabs all over the bottom. Okay that's gross and TMI but I appreciate the pioneers MORE AND MORE every day.
Mayara and Fabricia are still progressing really well. They both said they have read the Book Of Mormon and KNOW that it is true. They still want to wait so that has been our struggle with them but they are close! Unfortunately Fabricia moved to Lisbon because she got a job and she will only be here on Saturdays so she can't go to church anymore. It is so sad but we are praying that we can figure something out for her. They know that I'm probably leaving next week so they gave me a going away present. They got me a beanie and gloves and a scarf. They are some of my favorite people I have met on my mission I love them!
Last P day we went to Lapa in Lisbon and went to a castle and a really pretty town square. It is GORGEOUS! We finally felt like we are in Europe haha. We are going to Belein today which is why we're emailing so early but apparently we're going to the most famous parts of Portugal. Where Christopher Columbus sailed out and a bunch of other stuff. I'm excited! I will send lots of pics.
We found a couple of really awesome families this week that we are going to start teaching. I can't wait! I don't have really much else to tell you but love you all! Sorry if all the emails are short today. I have a lot of catching up to do! Have a great week!

Sister Carroll

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