Monday, February 17, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 40


How is everyone doing? First of all I want to say Happy Birthday to Brynley this weekend! :) Hope it is a great day! Also hope everyone had a fun Valentines Day! 

This week was so fast! Sadly, we had to sing in another funeral. A lady in the other branch here passed away unexpectedly. They didn't have anyone available so they asked the other sisters to dress her body for the funeral. The poor sisters it was rough for them and then when the family came it was really tough we'll just put it that way. It was a good funeral for me to experience though because none of the family members of the lady are members of the church, so their reaction was a lot different than I'm used to. People were sobbing hysterically, screaming, falling on the ground, yelling, I can't even explain it. They were seriously out of control. It made me sad to see them so sad because I know they think they will never see her again. We are so lucky to know that death isn't the end and that we don't have to be THAT sad. Obviously it's still hard to lose a loved one, but we will see them again.

On a happier note, we marked our investigators Ana and Catia for baptism this weekend. Ana is awesome. She's the mom of Cristiana. She told us she wants to go out with us and help us teach. She loved church and remembered every single detail. She's the one whose mom died. Catia is so cool too. Her boyfriend Humberto is a member and she was SOOOOOOOO excited when we gave her a baptismal date. I'm excited for this weekend! :) (Also Catia and Humberto are getting married on March 8. I can't wait!)

Oh before I forget, Margarida our recent convert is totally Aunt Debbi's twin. They act a lot alike! Maybe that's why I think she's so cool! :) 

Speaking of twins, there is a crazy guy here who thinks I am Sister Hirschi. Every time he sees us in the street he like chases us down to say hi. I just go along with it because he gets confused when I try to explain it. I can't wait for the day when he sees us together haha. 

Oh funny ish story. So our phone is weird and has randomly been shutting off. So Saturday night it happened. Meanwhile, the other sister's phone died. They plugged it in and thought it was on but it wasn't. After we had gotten in bed Sister Lofgreen realized we didn't have our phone in our room and we needed it for our alarm. She turned it on and we had like a million missed calls. From our District leader, our zone leaders, members in our branch and even the Assistants to the President haha. It was so bad! Since both of our phones were off they thought something bad happened and they were leaving their house to come looking for us. When we saw them Sunday they weren't too happy with us but oh well haha. At least you can know if something happened they would come to help us! 

It's been raining a lot this week. Funny since I told you before that it's really warm. It depends on the hour it's either hot or cold but I like it still! One morning while we were running there wasn't even a sprinkle of rain dropping and all of a sudden it just DUMPED on us. I mean like one second to the next it wasn't like a gradual rain. We got soaked and we were running and screaming it was so fun and random. People thought we were crazy.

This weekend we had a District conference which is like Stake conference and we got to have a broadcast from M. Russell Ballard. It was really good! It was broadcasted in Spain, Portugal and Cabo Verde. They talked a lot about missionary work! Things are speeding up so fast!

Okay I think that is it. Love you guys! Have a great week!

Sister Carroll

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