Monday, February 10, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 39

Lara's Baptism
Margarida's Baptism


How was everyone's week? Hope it was good. So sorry I don't have a ton of island pics like I promised last week! We went to go to the garden and then when we were calling President and Sister Fluckiger to ask permission to leave our area they must have been on the airplane over here so they didn't answer and we didn't get to go. But we get to today so next week you'll get pictures!  :)

On Tuesday we had interviews with President. It is always scary before but he is really nice and it went really well. He gave me lots of really good advice I needed. Then he made me do a practice in front of him just me and him! I was nervous but that's okay it's over haha. 

Wednesday the Sister Training Leaders did divisions with us. I went with Sister Parker. She's from Farmington, Utah. She's cool! We marked one of our investigators named Ana to be baptized on the 22nd. She walked to church yesterday in the rain! She liked church though. It was awesome. She recently lost her mom and the Plan of Salvation helped her a lot!

Thursday we had to sing at a funeral of a man in our branch. I think he had a heart attack. I still don't like funerals. But it was good. It was really sad though because one of our sister training leader's brothers got murdered last week in Cabo Verde and she went to the funeral with us. She had a really rough time poor thing. We didn't know before hand but I think maybe she needed to go to it to get closure for her brother...

On Saturday we had the Baptisms! It was a stressful weekend getting everything ready but it all worked out. A lot of people were there and they felt supported. Adelino, the guy we baptized a couple weeks ago, baptized Lara. He's a family friend of theirs so it was cool. I felt bad though because he didn't know what to do so they had to repeat it like 5 times until he got it right. That's okay though! Margarida was so nervous but you could tell she was happy when it was all done. Her aunt and her grandma came. We are going to try to start teaching them.

After the baptism we were sprinting to an appointment because the baptism ran late and it was raining. We were running down a hill and I slid and biffed it hahaha. It was embarrassing because we were teaching people I hadn't met before so I was like,"Hey I'm Sister Carroll. Can I have some paper towels sorry I'm bleeding on  your floor." They were nice about it though.

Okay I feel like this email is super boring so sorry but that was our week basically! Hopefully all is well with you all. Have a great week!

Sister Carroll

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