Monday, March 3, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 42

Hey everyone!

How was the week? I feel like I have so much to tell you today! First of all happy birthday Ryan on Wednesday! I can't believe you'll be 26. Hope it's a great day! :) 

So the good news is I'm staying on Madeira with Sister Lofgreen! Sadly today starts her last transfer. But it will be good because we will work harder so that she will go out with a BOOM! Sister Hirschi is staying but Sister Cardoso left and she actually got transfered to Miratejo! Crazy! I am excited about it so I can keep track of everyone :) 

So here is what happened this week:

-Our mission is doing a "March Madness" competition. We even have brackets against other zones who can do the best in certain areas. I'm pumped. I don't have to miss March Madness after all! :)

-We had an "Integration Night" on Thursday where we bring members, recent converts, and investigators so they can get to know each other. We played Ninja and it was hilarious seeing these old Portuguese ladies karate chopping people. We also made dirt cups for the dessert. People loved them hahah.

-Did I tell you that we are Visiting Teachers? They don't have a ton of people here to do it, so we pair up with other sisters and visit people haha. It's funny.

-We teach English class again starting last week. So far we have one person haha. It is still a lot harder than I would have ever thought, but it's fun. There is also a Chinese member here who teaches Chinese class. We were only there walking by but I learned how to say thank you and hello. (I am so grateful I'm learning Portuguese.)

-Ana and her daughter Cristiana wanted to try American food so Sister Lofgreen and I made hamburgers. They didn't mention if they liked it or not so we'll just assume they did hahaha. 

-We made journals for Ana and Margarida with pictures and quotes and stuff and we wrote them a letter in the front.. They LOVED them. Ana wrote her experience in the front too and she almost started crying when we gave it to her. We also made her a planner like we have and she carries it around with her everywhere. It's funny. She said we can't ever leave and she will follow us to the airport. I don't want to think about that! :(

-They have a HUGE carnival here this last weekend and this week. They have been shutting down big roads and no one is in the street. It's a huge deal. 

-We had a cleaning check with a senior couple on Friday. The Roses and they live in Bountiful. Crazy though because Sister Rose is from St. George but her dad is from Hamilton Fort. I have never met anyone who knows what that is haha. She still has a lot of family there.

-Tomorrow Margarida is doing a division the whole day with us to see how the life of a missionary is. I can't wait! It is going to be really fun.

-We are teaching a young kid named Estev√£o which is the Portuguese version of Steve. Dad I thought you'd think that was cool. He's athiest but progressing quickly. (Sister Lofgreen and Sister Hirschi's dads names are also Steve haha.)

-On Saturday Catia and Humberto are getting married. We get to go to a wedding!

-We lost contact with 3 investigators and after a few weeks of trying to get ahold of them we bumped into ALL 3 in the street on the same day. We had the wrong number for one of them and she was moving the next day! If we wouldn't have been there at that exact moment we would have never seen her again probably! 

-I am super sick for the first time since the MTC. They don't sell DayQuil here but I am determined to find a Portuguese cure.

-On Friday we planned what we would teach Cristiana (Ana's daughter) and we prayed and felt right about her being baptized on a certain date. She previously was marked to be baptized with Ana but then told us she wasn't interested anymore so we slowed down a little bit with her. When we got there we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and asked her what she needed to do to get to the Celestial Kingdom. She responded follow the steps that Christ gave us (Faith, Repentence, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and Endure to the End.) Without us even mentioning it she asked us if she could be baptized. She said she had prayed and felt right about this certain date and it was the SAME one we had felt right about earlier that day. We showed her our paper that had it written and she was shocked. She said it was just one more sign that she was doing what was right. It was an AWESOME experience. 

Anyway that is about it for the week. We will pick up our new roommate from the airport tonight. Hope everyone has a great week! Love you. 

Sister Carroll

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