Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 43

Hey everyone! 

Hope it was a good week! :) Alex HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you're enjoying Disneyland lucky. Have a great day! :) And Ry I hope your birthday was fun!!! 

Well on Saturday we had the wedding of Catia and Humberto! It was simple but fun! :) Definitely different than the one we had in Miratejo. They asked me to play the piano for them and gave me one day notice to practice. One of the songs was a bit tricky. I had to bring the music with me and study it and write in the counts on the bus because I didn't have time to practice it haha. I was able to practice it for about an hour before and it ended up going pretty well luckily. I was wishing so much that Diane Decker was there to help me haha! 

Today we are flying to Lisbon because Sister Lofgreen has to renew her residency and can't go alone. We fly out at 9:30 tonight and get home around 8:45 tomorrow night. It will be fun. Well just a bunch of sitting around actually but that's okay! I get to check to see if I have mail! haha

On Tuesday Margarida spent the whole day working with us. It was fun I think she liked it! She is a trooper. 

We marked Estévão for baptism yesterday! He is progressing really well. He will be baptized on the 22nd. He came to our Integration Night, played soccer with the Elders, and came to church yesterday. We are excited! He went from not believing in God to feeling and recognizing the spirit. It's crazy how people can change! 

We are teaching this guy Roberto and he was progressing really quickly as well. He came to church yesterday and saw a member he recognized. All of the sudden all these memories rushed back to him and remembered going to our church in the 80's. He told our Branch President and they looked up his records. Turns out he was baptized in 1983 and was going to church for a couple years! He didn't even remember that until going back to church like 30 years later haha. How cool is that!

Basically that's all I can remember from this week. But a few of you asked about our branch. We have 2 branches here in Funchal. Both have about 35-40 members in church so it's pretty big! We have a super good branch. 

Well love you all! Have a great week! :)

Sister Carroll 

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