Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 48

Dinner at Irma Arlinda's house

Hey everyone!

Another great week in Madeira. How was everyone's Easter? We didn't do the traditional egg hunts and coloring, but it was a great day. :) 

First of all before I forget, my new companion asked me the other day about your conversion story dad. I realized I really don't know much about it. I know a few things but I'd like to hear what made you decide to get baptized and all the behind the scenes stuff. If you get time this week I'd LOVE IT! Also Grandpa Curry too! I don't know your story and I'd love to hear it.

Well my new companion is cool! Sister Briggs, from Minnesota. She is a rugby player so she's super buff and aggressive haha she's always tripping, punching and pushing me haha. But she's cool and a good missionary! She plays rugby at BYU. She has 6 sisters and 0 brothers. Poor parents haha! I like her we will have fun.

The other day I challenged her to do the bus surf like I told you about a couple weeks ago. We left our house and we were about halfway to the chapel when she lost her balance. She was wobbling all around and then fell on her bum. At least it wasn't on top of anyone. I decided I'm not going to challenge anyone else to that.

So Margarida's mom, the one who was inactive for 30 years was called to be a Relief Society teacher and had to give her first class yesterday! She is a very quiet woman and it was hard for her but she did AMAZING! Seriously it is incredible to see people's progress. She really did a great job and everyone congratulated her after. She was happy it was awesome! 

We had an awesome family from South Africa we were teaching. Well Uncle, niece and nephew because their dad passed away. They are AWESOME and loved us. Then one day we got a phone call from a random number who asked where we were from. When she found out we were American she told us to NEVER come back and talk to her family again. We were confused and didn't know who she was but then when we came back to that family for our next appointment we figured it out that it was their number. Super bummer but maybe with time she'll change her mind. I've never had anyone care where we're from but I guess she doesn't like America.

We are also teaching a guy named Estefen. (Different than Estêvão) He is from Romania and so is our Branch President's wife! Woohooo already have a connection. He's cool so we're excited. He has a wife and a 2 year old daughter but we haven't been able to meet them yet.

Also we just started teaching 2 little kids from Ukraine. Veronica and Yaroslav... Probably butchered that spelling. They came to English class and our Easter Activity. They're super cute and we're going to try to meet their families today. Thought Raymond would be stoked about that.

I read a talk this week by Ezra Taft Benson called Beware of Pride. Basically it's like a giant slap in the face to everyone in the world haha. But it's SO good! Everyone read it. I'm trying to be better now. It surprised me how many different forms of pride there are.

Good news. Just got an email saying my recent convert Castro is now the secretary in the bishopric! AHHH! I'm so happy and proud of him. 

We chase a lot of lizards here. Sister Briggs ripped off two tails in five seconds. I felt so sad for the little guys.

Oh man so yesterday they had the championship soccer game and Benfica won. I've never seen so many CRAZY people it was awesome! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was driving around screaming, honking, wearing benfica clothes and hanging out of their cars, blowing those loud air horns, drinking, like it was nuts. We have a soccer stadium in our area where all the big teams play like Benfica, Porto and Sporting. Man it's sweet. We walked by the other day and we were talking to a police officer next to it. People were going CRAZY. Soccer is life here. So cool.

Anyway I'm just sharing every detail so I'm done now. Have a great week! I can't believe I'm talking to you all in a couple weeks. SO WEIRD but I'm excited :) Love you!

Sister Carroll

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