Monday, May 12, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 49


So sorry I have 3 minutes left... Will be short this week.

Ummmm... So this week we had a Relief Society activity with also the elders and we went to a nursing home and sang to them. They were so cute and clapped at the end of every song even with the awful singing haha. There were a couple of SUPER grumpy people though. I tried to talk to this one guy and I asked him a few questions and he just had a huge frown and kept shaking his head. Whoops! I'd be mad too if I had to sit in a chair all day and watch tv in a language I don't understand (It's all in English) Anyway it was cute because we went there to visit a member and she still knew all the hymns and sang along with us!

Just wanted to tell you a theme I noticed this week. We talked a lot about the little things. There's a recent convert here who quit smoking after years and years (he was smoking 2 packs a day) and he was doing fine. Then one day after months without a cigarette he smoked half of one. Feeling guilty he called the missionaries and told them and the first thing they asked was, "Are you reading the scriptures every day?" He said he had skipped reading the past 3 days. He then noticed that it was the only thing he had changed. I know that he smoked because he was lacking on that spiritual boost. It's real even though it seems so small! Same thing happened with another investigator who lost the desire to go to church. He stopped reading and praying every day. Then they talked about it at church. I know we had that topic this week for a reason. The little things are IMPORTANT.

I'm sorry that this email is so short this week. Also I will take pictures today with me and my companion. I think we're going to a castle. Love you all and I will let you know about Mother's Day phone call next Monday! Have a great week!

Sister Carroll

P.S. Funny fact... I'm freakishly tall here. My legs are too long to sit straight on the bus, even when the men can. I am a circus freak. 

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