Sunday, June 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 55

Hey everyone!

So yesterday João Junior was baptized. It was great! He is an awesome guy. Super humble. I have pictures but I can't send them because last time I plugged my camera into the computers here it ruined all my videos so I don't trust it anymore. I don't really know how else to send you pictures I just don't want to lose all I have! But I do have pics :)

A member in our ward passed away on Wednesday. She went in for a simple operation and didn't come out. My companion didn't want to go to the funeral because she lost her brother a few months ago so I went with Sister Beard and the Elders. It was a very interesting day we had to take a train and then speed walk a few miles and barely made it on time. It was a super sad one though. One of her friends that was there looked at her and started coughing and then throwing up. People were wailing, I don't know. I just become more grateful every time that we know it's not the end. It would be really hard to be in their situation.

My comp has been sick ever since I get here and so has one of my roommates so we haven't really had a normal transfer yet. She feels fine enough to work sometimes and other times needs to stay home. We're always switching off working in divisions in 2 areas. It's been interesting and tricky but hopefully they both get better this week. Sister Call has bronchitis... Butchered the spelling there... And I don't really know what sister De Carvalho has. The doctor said she's allergic to everything. Food, clothes, soap, literally everything. But he didn't even do tests so I don't think we should go off of his opinion haha. Anyway, pray for her.

I noticed that with my 40 day fast I've been blessed a lot. One of the things I gave up was speaking English, Heavenly Father sent me to a native speaking companion so I don't even have a temptation to speak English. I gave up thinking/singing/humming non church music and my roommate sister Call showed me a TON of awesome music. Like the EFY 2013 CD has some really cool songs. Now I just sing those when other songs pop in my head. Basically the rules are becoming easier to follow because I'm trying and I've noticed it. I think it's always that way no matter what the rule, law, or commandment. Obedience brings blessings.

I'm grateful for all of you and your support and advice and prayers and everything. Miss you all. Hope you have a wonderful week. Life is good! Tudo bem! :)

Sister Carroll

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