Sunday, June 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 54

Hey everyone!

This is going to be a lame email I'm super behind today for some reason haha. But first week in Barreiro!

First of all HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to Ammon! I can't believe it's been 3 years. Seriously. So weird. But I love him! Give him a hug from Aunt Brittany... Woah. I haven't seen my first name in a while.

So Barreiro...Basically picture the exact opposite of Madeira and that's where I'm at. It's good though because the people are super cool. I haven't spoken to a single Portuguese person since I've gotten here except a couple of members. Literally EVERYONE is African here. It's really cool. I love them. We already have marked 2 people for baptism. 

First one is João Jr. He's from Cabo Verde. We met him in the street, and he came to church yesterday. He has 2 sons and when we taught him about the word of wisdom he told us he'd quit drinking. We asked him when and he said right now! He's so awesome and willing to change. Also we were door knocking a couple of days later and talked to this guy. Then as we're leaving João Jr. walks up. It was his brother!! We were in a place way far away. That family is definitely meant to be taught right now.

The other guy is Hernesto. He is also from Cabo Verde. He is great and already has a testimony of the church, he just wants to read more of the Book of Mormon. He came to church yesterday too and at the end of sacrament we saw that he was DRENCHED in sweat and about to fall over. Apparently he has diabetes and didn't eat for a while so his blood sugar was low. The elders gave him a blessing quickly and he ate some cookies and water. It was scary! He was feeling better after. Then on the way home we walked with him and he slid on a piece of trash and fell down! Not his day! He's okay now though. Scary though haha.

My companion is cool. It's interesting because there are only 2 african sisters in the mission and I got to be companions with them both! Haha I am learning a lot more about the Cabo Verdean culture than I did with my trainer because I can speak the language now. Like one funny thing is that the guys there grow out their pinky nails and paint them. So weird. It's fun. She's super blunt and tells you exactly what she's thinking. It's humbling but I am learning a lot from her. It will be a great transfer. She's a good missionary.

The weather is getting super hot we are dying! It's bringing back memories of Braga haha. It'll be good though. My comp has been sick so we stayed home one day for the first time of my mission. It felt so strange. I'd rather go out haha. But she has to get better too. 

The members are great. Always feeding us. So is my comp. If I don't gain 90 pounds this transfer it will be a miracle. Pray for me.

Anyway, love you all. Hope you have a great week.

Sis Carroll

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