Sunday, June 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 53

Hey everyone!

Well sad to say I got transferred from Madeira. I got the phone call late Saturday night, packed my bags, and then the next day at church I got to say bye to everyone. That was nice. It was so hard though! Especially when I said bye to Margarida. Right after church I had to leave. Sister Brundage left too so we drove together with Elder West who is going home. SO HARD. 

I am now serving in a place called Barreiro. I don't know where exactly I am haha, but I know it's more in the Southern part of Portugal in the Setúbal zone. I've heard it's the "Promised Land" like super cool people so that's awesome. I am with another Cape Verdean. Her name is Sister De Carvalho. She is nice. I know she's a hard worker. I will learn a lot from her! 

This email might be all over the place. I am super tired haha. 

So I'm sad that I had to find out from everyone except Ryan and Aimee that they're having another baby after it was announced on facebook, but I'm excited for them too. Tell them congrats from me.

So this week we started a 40 day fast from a bunch of things. Speaking English (that'll be even easier now since my comp doesn't speak), humming or singing music not from the church, saying anything negative, just lots of little things and we saw a lot of little miracles. It was great. We marked Rita for baptism. The Venesuelan lady. She came to Family History and it was just a great day. 

Bad news. We went and talked to Cristiana, Ana's daughter after not seeing them in FOREVER! (They never answer the door or phone or anything) It was great and she told us she wanted us to come with her and walk with her to our activity. So we go over there and I knocked on the window because I thought she was sleeping. Ana comes out and screams at me and right when I said "Ana" she slammed the door right in my face. That is the last time I will ever see Ana in my life. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I just have a lot of hope that the sisters will be able to get her back. She is a different person now.

Funny story now. Yesterday in the airport we were standing there at the baggage claim and we heard a LOUD fart... I don't know a polite word for that sorry. Anyway I turn around and it's a short old little nun. She just started busting up and then the rest of us were trying so hard not to laugh. I never ever thought I'd see a nun fart in an airport but like when in Portugal...

That's all I can think of to say right now. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Miss you and pray for you every day. Love you

Sister Carroll

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