Sunday, June 22, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 52


So sorry I couldn't write yesterday. Actually I'm not sorry because it was AWESOME! We had Elder Kearon here from the Seventy. Since we are only 12 missionaries here on the island it was so cool! With Elder Dyches there were over 100 of us so we didn't really get to talk to him much but with Elder Kearon we got to like eat lunch with him, get to know him and interact with him. He is so nice! He is from England. Right now he lives in Frankfurt, Germany! His wife is American and he converted when he was 26. The Sister Missionaries taught him! :) Funny story actually the mission president at the time told those sisters that they were wasting their time with him. And now look at him he's a 70! Crazy huh? He made us feel super good he kept telling us that we were doing a great job here and that our mission is having more success than most in Europe. I am SO LUCKY to be part of the Portual Lisbon Mission. I have the best mission president and wife too :) He's been to Cedar City before too. Random. Anyway, he's hilarious. It went from 10:00-6:00 so we didn't get P day but WORTH IT!

Hmm what else? We are teaching Margarida's aunt!! Her name is Teresa. She was at the baptism of Margarida but never really wanted to talk with us. I kept saying hi to her when I'd see her sitting at the cafe but one day we decided to talk to her and she totally opened up to us! She told us she's been smoking for years and years and really wants to quit. She said she has tried and failed a million times. We made a plan with her with a number of cigarettes per day and a scripture a day and we call her every night to see how she's doing. I think she's changing! She has serious depression and I think this is helping her a ton. We have been teaching her almost every day and on Sunday she came to sacrament! It was a big deal because she goes to bed at 5 am and wakes up at 6 pm usually so that was waking up REALLY early for her. Anyway I am so excited to help her. We love her so much!

The other day I went to get a bouncy ball that this little girl accidentally threw in a flower bed and I didn't realize they were all roses. So when I reached in my whole arm got caught in the rose thorns haha. I was on the phone and I had to be like hold on and have Sister Briggs pull me out haha. Those things are strong! It was funny though. 

-Oh divisions were great! I held an eagle on my arm that this guy in the street was holding. Haha it was SO HEAVY I couldn't believe it. 

-Veronika and Yaroslav's parents think that we're part of a different religion that doesn't believe in families so they won't let their kids talk to us anymore. We have tried meeting them but they are never home. :( So interesting because families are CENTRAL. So sad.

-Rita didn't show up to our appointment because her dad had an emergency but we have another one marked with her on Wednesday :)

-I found a wallet with 300 euros plus like every important document in the world and we worked our magic and asked around until we got his phone number. We're meeting with him Wednesday. Woohoo God works in mysterious ways.

-Sister Briggs always makes fun of me because I have no muscle in my arms and my legs have accidentally gotten kinda buff from climbing all these hills... Gross.

-Oh on Thursday I hit one year in Portugal so we went to lunch for the first time at a real restaurant haha. The pizza was like bigger than me so that was strange. Can't believe it's been a YEAR!

I think that's all I have to say. But I love you guys! Have a great week! :) Last week of the transfer started yesterday so I'll let you know next week what happens! 

Sister Carroll 

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