Monday, May 12, 2014

Madeira Islands: Week 51

Typical Madeiranese clothes


Happy Mother's Day yesterday again!!! Was great to talk to you all! Goes by so stinking fast but still it was fun. :) Seriously can't believe that Ammon and Lincoln are talking. So crazy.

So here is the news:

We caught 2 lizards this week. RECORD! Miracle!!! 

Margarida and Ligia and her husband invited us for dinner on Thursday in Camara de Lobos. Seriously SO pretty and they live in the middle of a banana jungle on a hill with a view of the ocean! They have an indoor brick oven and it has like a cabin feel. They had like cool African art and a guitar and pets and basically it was just like heaven. But then... I had to eat rabbit. Oh man so sad. Poor little bunny. Thought I'd escape it on my mission but they finally got me. Ahhhh! But I love them!

One of my first days with Sister Briggs she said she had a question for me but that she couldn't say it. I was like worried it was something bad so I was like just tell me! She wouldn't so I started guessing and I said "is it about my feet?" And she said "yeah.." So I said "oh sorry they stink?!" And she's like "no.." And I was like "oh is it my bunions?" And she's like "yeah.. Do you have bunions?" Hahaha I died. She was so worried it would hurt my feelings. Yes. I have bunions. Alex I told her the story of when Logan was like, "Is that why your feet go like this?"  Bunions for life!

On Sunday they had a giant car/motorcycle/bike show that had stuff from the 1800s to now. Seriously the BEST walk to church ever! It was crazy! You would have all died. They shipped them from like all over the world. Probably billions of dollars on that street haha. Seriously it was a 15 minute of fast paced walking and it was all full of vehicles. SO COOL!

Today we went on a hike to Porta Cruz I think it's called. (There you go Kristan you can look it up now. :) ) It was way different then Pico Ruivo but SO pretty. So green, rivers, waterfalls, lost of like rocks and climbing. I loved it! There were 10 of us missionaries and then 2 members. On the ride there I got everyone to hold their breath through the tunnels like we do on the way to Zuma beach. We almost died once but it's no big deal... Fun P day! :)

The Sister Training Leaders are here right now so we're doing divisions on Wednesday. It will be fun! :) 

Oh!!! So here are the people we're teaching that are progressing the most:

Rita- Lady from Venesuela. She saw a picture of a temple online and looked up more info on us. Then she wanted to see if we had a chapel on Madeira and did a visit to the chapel while we just happened to be there! She got super excited about geneology and is coming on Wednesday to make her family tree. She came to church yesterday and we taught her the first lesson only but she is AWESOME! 

Diogo- Madeirense. 40 years old more or less. Dad died 2 years ago so he's super sad but is looking for purpose. He's awesome!

Stefen- From Romania. Married to a Brazilian. Has 6 kids. Used to be athiest but now believes in God. He's still not sure if there's life after death but we're working on that. He's been to church once, general conference once, and a ward activity. He's awesome! Oh and he sings opera hahah

Yaroslav & Veronika- From Ukraine. 12 and 11 years old. They are SO responsible and show up to every appointment on their own. We teach them English and also teach about the gospel. They want to be baptized but we still have to talk to their parents and it keeps falling through but they're in love and going to get married some day I just know it.

Jean- From Switzerland. He's a music professor at a school by our chapel. He came to general conference and LOVED the organist and Mo tab hahah. He's sad because his family is all in Switzerland still. He's REALLY nice. He speaks French mostly but Portuguese too. It's fun! :)

Luísa- Her mom is a member, she is 40 something. SO nice. Loves cats. Works a lot. Loves us. Basically my future self. 

Okay now you're updated. There are so many pictures we had on sister briggs camera but she just plugged it in and they ALL erased. We're freaking out. If we get them back I'll send more! Love you all have a great week!

Sister Carroll

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