Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Barreiro: Week 59


So today was transfer day. I am staying here in Barreiro! Sister De Carvalho left and is actually serving with my trainer Sister Silva in Lisbon. They're both from Cape Verde. It will be interesting haha! They will finish their missions together. I am serving with a girl named Sister Caldwell. We actually came in to the mission together! She is super cute and outgoing so I am really excited to serve with her. We actually got called to be Sister Training Leaders which means we get to travel around and work with other sisters. I don't feel like I know enough to do this but I know that the Lord will qualify who He calls. I will learn a lot! I am really nervous but also really excited. It will be great.

This has been a really sad week actually because one of my roommates, Sister Call, who has become one of my best friends on the mission is going home. She has been struggling medically her whole mission and they finally told her it was best for her to go home now and get treatment. It has been a hard decision but I know it's what is best for her right now. She is awesome and luckily is from Utah so I will get to see her soon. She told President Fluckiger she could do one more transfer if it was with me, but Heavenly Father had better plans. I'm really grateful I got to spend a transfer with her though. She has helped me SO much. I love her!

On Saturday our investigator José Carlos got baptized! He got confirmed yesterday. He is from Cape Verde and is super cool. The missionaries have been working with him for a long time but he stopped going to church because he didn't want to be baptized. We found him in the street one day and he was just ready this time! He was super happy the day of his baptism and he calls us his Godmothers. I'm his American Godmother and Sis De Carvalho is his Cape Verdean Godmother haha. He's really funny.

Afterwords we had a party. It was originally planned to celebrate the 4th of July a day late so the Elders bought a ton of American food, but then all the Cape Verdeans brought food to celebrate their Independence day which is the 5th and they said they didn't need the Elder's food. Haha I felt so bad for them. But us three Americans celebrated by eating a hamburger with BBQ sauce haha. Woohoo!

4th of July I woke up in the middle of the night with the stomach flu. Not pretty. But we had a LOT of stuff to do to get the baptism ready so we went out to work and by the end of the night I was feeling fine. Of course we had a member meal that day too. Oh man. I was struggling to keep it down. We had 6 member meals this week. I feel like we're in the States! Haha the members here are awesome. This week the city is having a party every single night. Let's just say we haven't slept at ALL! Loud music, fireworks, screaming, I am so excited for the party to be over haha. 

Yesterday at church one of the Elder's investigator's sons who is like 3 years old was smiling at me from the stands while I was at the piano. I waved at him so he came over to the wall and was peaking around it and smiling. Then while we were praying and my eyes were closed he came and sat next to me at the piano. He was just staring at me and smiling. The testimonies started so I went and sat in the congregation and he came and sat next to me. He kept scooting closer and closer until I was halfway off the chair and he was on my chair. I obviously am not allowed to hold little kids so I felt so awkward haha! Then I went and sat a chair in front of him and he was like playing with my hair and calling me his princess. Everyone around heard and was laughing so hard. I was embarrassed haha he literally followed me EVERYWHERE I went it was hilarious. So I guess you could say I have a 3 year old Portuguese boyfriend.

Okay I don't have anything else to tell you. This will be a great transfer! Hope you all are happy and healthy. Love you have a great week!

Sis Carroll

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