Monday, September 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 65

Hey gente!
Well, never thought I'd say this but today is officially the first day of my last transfer here on the mission. I am actually staying in Barreiro. Sister Caldwell left to serve in my old area Miratejo! I am serving with my roommate from last transfer Sister Austin. She is a great girl from Utah. She is super obedient she will be great! We are Sister Training Leaders together and I actually get to do a division in Miratejo I am excited!
This week was cool. We got asked by some of the Elders investigators (actually remember the 3 year old who calls me princess? His parents.) to be bridesmaids at their wedding. I am so excited! Haha. It should be in a couple more weeks. Woohoo! Also, the girl in the pictures I sent today, Diana, got engaged last week to an American she met on her mission. He is from Alaska, and because it's so far away they are getting married in Salt Lake. Neither of them live there or know anything so they asked me to help plan the wedding when I get back there. I am a little freaked out because I know nothing about this stuff haha. Hopefully everything works out. I need help!
On Thursday we played the best prank. The week before we called the Elders and told them it was Sister Austins birthday and we were going to do a surprise for her. So we set it all up and asked them to just bring a cake. We didn't tell the other sisters either. So then Thursday we are all waiting in the chapel for the surprise and when we sneak up behind them we all start singing with this cake. She turns around and right when they finish the song she just goes, "It's not my birthday! Sister Carroll and Caldwell which one of you did this?!" Hahaha oh my goodness everyone's faces were priceless. They looked so confused and we were just dying laughing. We ended up just eating the cake to "celebrate" one of the Elders who goes home today. It was a good day.
Yesterday in sacrament I look up right as they are announcing the speakers and the branch president just mouths to me, " I'm so sorry. You have to speak." Someone didn't show up or something so they literally gave me 10 seconds notice haha. I just turned to a random scripture and spoke about the Sabbath Day haha. It was not a good talk, but whatever. Life of a missionary.
Anyway, that is about it. We did divisions in Quinta de Conde this week. It was fun. We are in a trio for 3 days until the other sister gets here. It is going to be a good transfer! I'll miss Sister Caldwell but I love Sister Austin too.  Love you guys. Have a great week!
Sister Carroll

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