Monday, September 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 66

Olá gente!!! Tudo Bem?
Well, this week was fun. We got a new roommate on Thursday. She is brand spaking new in the mission too so it's fun. It's fun to remember that all the things here in Portugal and the missionary lifestyle weren't always normal to me. Now it feels like just life haha. Her name is Sister Larson she's from American Fork, Utah. We love her!
Before I forget to tell you, my companion is from Highland, Utah and she knows Alan Van! He was her singles ward bishop. She's met Dana and Shane and Morgan too haha and been to their house. Small world!
This week is EFY in Portugal. Since there aren't TONS of youth they only do one session in Porto. Davinia is going! :) She has been so excited she had her bags packed for a while and was asking questions every two seconds. They left this morning at 5am so we'll see how it was in a few days. Not going to lie I'm pretty jealous. Wish I could go too haha. I'm happy she went it will be way good for her.
We have a member who is Davinia's friend named Rafaela who is 14. She is giving us references like crazy! She introduced us to like 4 new friends yesterday that are AWESOME! Seriously. This girl named Angela already read 115 pages of the Book of Mormon in one day. She stayed up all night reading. The boys said a prayer with us and afterwards one said, "Woah. I feel really good and happy." We are going to talk to them again tomorrow. It was probably the funnest lesson I've had in my whole mission. We just all sat around and they were so interested and paid close attention. Love when that happens :)
The wedding we're in is probably going to be this weekend. It depends how fast they can do the paperwork in the city but I am so excited! They are the nicest people in the world.
Sister Austin is super funny. She is a genious seriously. She was home schooled so she graduated way fast and went to BYU when she was 15. Her brother went when he was 13. There are 9 kids in her family and they've all served missions so far. She has a memory like I've never seen. She can literally remember every detail of every book, movie, and song she's ever heard. Better than me. It's entertaining.
Oh I forgot! On Thursday it was Elder Moore's birthday slash this is his last week on the mission. So he told us once his dream was to have something thrown in his face like a cake. So while he was on his morning run we planned with the other elders so that we hid around a corner and threw yogurt in his face. It scared him really bad and he had yogurt in his ear for a while, but he was happy haha.
My trainer is officially home from her mission, and Sister Hickey and Sandholtz have one week left. It's started to get real, and I'm freaking out. I'm doing fine though don't worry. I think it's making me want to work harder because I know time is running out. I sometimes feel like they jipped me and cut my mission short haha it just doesn't feel like I could possibly be in my last transfer. But life goes on! I'm excited to see all of you :)
That's about it. :) We are working hard and having fun. Let me know if any of you want anything from here. I don't have much more shopping time. Love you!
Sister Carroll

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