Monday, September 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 67

So hey!
Today for P day guess what we did? We went to an aquarium in Lisboa! :) It was so awesome. They have a temporary display of a specific sea animal whenever you go and this time it was SEA TURTLES!!! Seriously it was the best day of my life. They had 3 of the species that I worked with in C.R. I didn't get to touch them because it was in a big tank and yeah obviously but it was just fun to see them. :)
This week I did a division with Sister Camacho. She is from Texas but her parents are Mexican so her first lanugage is spanish. It was so fun learning about her culture! She is a great missionary it was fun. This week we have Mission Council in Lisbon (Tues), Zone Meeting in Setúbal (Wed), Interviews in Setúbal (Thurs), Divisions in Miratejo (Fri) WOOHOOOOOO! :) :) :) I get to see Castro!!!, and then a service project here at a member's house on Sat. It will be a busy week but it will be fun!
Today at the metro station I saw Elder Cluff (From my MTC district who is the only elder I hadn't seen yet), and Sister Brundage my roomy from Madeira! It was sooo fun to see them. I get to again tomorrow but still haha. We dropped off Elder Moore today to go home. He flies out Wednesday back to England. We are now in a 4 missionary district. Our DL is from Norway and the rest of us are Utards.
The work has been super slow this week. We're working with less actives and member references but we're trying to get a bigger teaching pool. Pray for us! Haha it's so much better when you have lots of people to teach.
Davinia went to FSY (since they no longer call it EFY here) this week and LOVED IT! She cried when she had to come home she had so much fun. I am really happy she went.
This week I studied a lot about how much we matter to Heavenly Father. There are 2 talks by President Uchtdorf I studied that are really popular so it's probably nothing new, but one is "You Matter to Him" and the other is "Forget Me Not". If you haven't read them, or even if you have, read them. It is really cool to know that even though we are nothing in comparison to the universe and the grand scheme of things, we are known to our Heavenly Father and He loves us more than the whole Universe. (Which He made just for us! :) )
Basically that's it. It's hot and we're sweaty, but life is good! Just realized I officially can say, "See you all this month!" WEIRD. Sorry my emails are so lame. Love you guys anyway! :) Have an excellent week!
Sister Carroll

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