Monday, September 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 68

Hey everyone! 

Hopefully you all had a wonderful week! :) It was a craaaazy busy one here but that's what I prefer. First of all though, HAPPY 20th Bday tomorrow Kelsey and HAPPY 23rd Bday Wednesday Aimee! :) I hope you guys have a wonderful birthday and know that I love you guys! 

Well, we traveled every single day this week. I already told you about Monday in Lisbon. Tuesday we went to Lisbon again for Mission Council. It was so fun! We got to see a ton of my mission friends! Including Elder Cluff who is the only missionary from my MTC district who I hadn't seen yet so I was excited. It was a great meeting too. Sister Brundage forced me into singing with her it was humiliating haha and then I had to bear my testimony since it's my last Mission Council. :( It was scary. I don't think it had really hit me until that. But yeah it was a good day though. Sister Sandholtz (from my MTC district) and Sister Hickey (My Miratejo comp) flew home that day too. So weird they're back! 

Wednesday we went to Setúbal for Zone Meeting. Sis Austin and I were in charge of a getting to know you game which was really fun, a fun practice thing, a musical number, and then again I had to bear my testimony. Haha they were probably sick of me at the end but oh well. Sister Caldwell was there and she started crying and I never have seen her cry so then it hit me oh crap this is it. My last Zone Meeting. That was tough haha. 

Thursday we went back to Setúbal for interviews with President Fluckiger and Sister Fluckiger. It was really good. I love talking to them. When we got back we went to meet with José, that man I met at the bus stop a couple of months ago. He's been going to church every week. That day he wasn't feeling well so the Elders gave him a blessing. The Elder started crying at the end and the member was feeling super worried and basically what they felt is that José needed to be baptized soon. So we taught him everything Saturday and got him interviewed. He was baptized yesterday! It was really great. He is a very nice man. He turns 80 next Monday! Haha 

That night we went to MIRATEJO!!! :) We slept over and then the next morning Sister Austin and Derrick left to go to Barreiro and I stayed with Sister Caldwell there. I called Castro and before I said who it was he goes, "OH! What is this a miracle?" We taught my recent convert Bela, Teresa a member worked with us the whole day, I spoke on the phone to the Mendes family, we taught one of the less actives I was working with Carlos Lisboa, I saw a recent convert Jessica, and walking in the street randomly I saw my recent convert Neidinha who just got back from EJS which is basically EFY for Young Single Adults and she loved it. We saw Carlos and Maria João Santos and they came to a ward activity to spend more time with me, and then at the activity Mayara my RC, Castro my RC, and Nuno a member were there! Oh my goodness it was the best day ever. It was good to be able to say goodbye to them. I was able to show Sis Caldwell where all my old investigators live so she can start teaching them again. It was so fun to spend the day with Sis Caldwell too! I love her.

Saturday we came home from Miratejo, did weekly planning and then helped a member Alda clean out her garage for a service project. She is a funny lady. Then of course there's Sunday with the baptism. Sis Austin made brownies and everyone freaked out. They don't have those here. haha. 

Okay literally this email is so scatter brained I don't know what else to tell you. Basically we're tired from all the traveling but we had a good week. :) This week we have to go to Lisbon to do our residency again and we're doing a division with SIster Briggs and Lacey in Seixal. It will be fun! :)

It's raining right now! WOOHOO! Love you all! :) Have a great week.

Oh and before I forget, there are 2 mormon messages I saw this week that are super good that everyone should watch. Well, they're all good but watch these at least. They're called "Origin" and "Leave the Party". They're SICK! Okay bye! 

Sister Carroll

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