Monday, September 22, 2014

Barreiro: Week 69

Hey! Hope everyone had a great week and didn't get flooded! We had a lot of rain here which makes me happy! :)
Hey so we got to see a couple of minutes of this Women's Broadcast for Europe. It was AWESOME! They had it in Frankfurt, Germany. Ry look and see if you recognize the chapel or the people. Anyway Elder Ballard and Elder Bednar spoke as well and Elder Kearon's wife (the Seventy that came here when I was in Madeira) and a bunch of other great speakers. So... everyone should look it up on :) It applies even though we're not European haha.
Yesterday José got confirmed. It was the most amazing confirmation I've heard because José has talked to us a lot about how he is concerned for his kids and grandkids. In the blessing it talked about how he is going to do a lot to help his family and be a great example to them. It told him to open up his mouth and that Heavenly Father will help him to bear his testimony to his family. We have tried to talk to them and they weren't interested and we feel now that they will be more accepting with the example of José. I know Heavenly Father told him those things to comfort and strengthen him. It told him too that he has a lot left to do in this world. :)
We had divisions in Seixal with Sister Briggs my old comp and Sister Lacey. She's in her 1st transfer. She's cute! She is from Apple Valley, CA. It was a fun day. We were soaked from the rain and just talked to people at bus stops all day haha. Good stuff :)
We went to Benfica so sister Austin could renew her residency here. I got to see some mission pals :) It's always fun to see people I know.
Okay to be honest I don't really have anything new to update you on. Life is good. We're traveling lots and really tired but that's the way we should feel every day. Tired. :) I can't wait to see you all! Have a great week
Sister Carroll
P.S. If I ever accidentally slip and give you "beijinhos" AKA kiss you on both cheeks I just apologie in advance. It shouldn't be legal but it's just a habit now when I greet people. AHHH

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