Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Barreiro: Week 61

This computer is super slow sorry if this email is short! This week was good! We're like extra tired but it is fun! We did our first division in Seixal. I got to work with Sister Briggs. She is a boss! We had a fun time talking about how everyone is doing in Madeira. I learned a lot from her even after serving 6 weeks together. She's great!
This week our branch president and his family returned from a one month vacation in Madeira! Luckies! Diana, their daughter  who just got home from a mission in Brazil brought me back a tablecloth that is a typical Madeira thing. It was so nice and cute of her! We are glad to have them back in Barreiro!
Sister Caldwell and I are on the hunt for African dresses. We see ladies wearing them every day and we ask them every time where they got them but they always say Africa. So... I think a trip is in store for us. We found some finally but they're 80 Euros hahaha that's not happening.
Davinia is progressing really well. She's been to church 2 times with us and has friends there. She loves it! She reads the Book of Mormon every day and said she loves it. She told us when she finishes it she wants us to give her another book. We love her and her family!
We had a branch BBQ on Saturday. It was really fun. We were helping make a salad before and one of the sisters was like, "Well I can see you two don't know how to do anything." Hahaha gotta love blunt African people. Looks like Sister Caldwell and I ever getting married. Then that little kid that calls me his princess came. He brought me a bracelet and candy. He's 3! The whole branch has started calling me princess because of him haha. He's so funny!
Anilton was confirmed yesterday. He is changing so much! Every week when we pass by he's more dressed up. Yesterday he wore a white button up shirt and tan pants. He was waiting outside when we got there! He is happier and all his friends say he's calmer too. So cool to see people change!
Today for P day we went to a park again with other missionaries and played games. We did rollie polies down a hill. That's what we do for fun here haha. Also scare each other. The other day the Elders in the other branch called us and said "Hey do you know where the Elders are in Barreiro2? They still haven't come home and their phone is off. We are hearing really weird noises and we can't find anything anywhere in the house." He was like super scared. We told him call back in 5 minutes. Turns out the Elders were hiding in like a tiny closet above their heads and scared them to death. Then last night the other sisters saw us in our window so they chucked a rock at us. I wish I had Sister Caldwell's face on film. It was hilarious. We screamed and then our roommates almost peed their pants laughing.
Anyway, love you all. Have a great week!
Sister Carroll

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