Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Barreiro: Week 62

Hello hello hello!

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michelle Halladay! :) Hope you had fun celebrating in Disneyland and Newport! Love you.

Well this week was the craziest week ever haha. We have so much fun though I'm really glad I'm with SIster Caldwell because we have fun even when stuff is stressful.

First we were supposed to do divisions on Wednesday in Èvora but I woke up with the flu and was barfing the whole day so we had to stay home. I felt so bad because I knew the sisters there had a lot of stuff planned and we had to cancel last minute. My roommates and companion took good care of me. They are the best! Our health advisor told us that it's going around the mission and it would last 2 or 3 days. Luckily the next day I was feeling a little bit better so we got to work.

That day we marked Inásio and Ernesto for baptism. Inásio is my recent convert João Jr.'s best friend. He actually helped João get baptized so he was really excited to accept as well. He's been to church, and a couple of activities and he loves it. Ernesto is one of the men we've been teaching forever. He finally decided he wanted to be baptized but wanted to wait. So we agreed. Then Davinia, our 13 year old investigator told us and her friend she was too scared to get baptized and she didn't want to anymore. We called the YW president, Diana, whose American boyfriend is in town and they came with us to teach her. It was scary because they're both RM's haha. The first thing Davinia said when she opened the door is, "I thought about it a lot more and I decided to get baptized." That was cool! Haha. Anyway, so that was a crazy day. 

Next day we celebrated an Elder's Bday. We had a surprise party and the other Elders bought him cologne and Sis Caldwell made him his favorite nachos. Seriously I've never seen someone freak out so much he was so excited. It was fun! After that we had Davinia and Ernesto's interviews. It took 2 hours and when it was done Ernesto had decided he wanted to be baptized the 27th instead of the 3rd. WOAH! Then we had to give the Branch Family Night. Literally we were running around crazy. But everything worked out perfectly.

Okay this part is important for you to know so you don't judge the pictures I'll send you haha. To moisturize our hair, we put mayonaise in it and slept with it overnight. We washed it out the next morning but unfortunately not all of it came out haha. Like it smelled so bad and was SO greasy looking. I felt disgusting the whole day. But we weren't planning on anything important or taking pictures.

Saturday rolls around. We marked our investigator Maria for baptism on the 10th, Zeka for the 3rd, and then we had to go talk to Davinia before we had another baptism to go to. When we get there she lets us know that her aunt had passed away so she couldn't be baptized anymore on Sunday. So we just said, "Well do you want to be baptized right now then?" (Luckily there was already another baptism.) She agreed but the baptism started in 30 minutes. So she grabbed her stuff, we literally ran to pick up her friends, and then we all sprinted to the chapel. We had another member give her and Ernesto a ride, and us and the elders had to get a taxi to get there on time. As we were running in the road the Elders say, "This probabaly looks like we're chasing you." So they start joking and yelling, "hey get back here!" Seriously we got so many weird looks. haha. We get to the other chapel where the baptism was, help her get ready, then we had to take pictures with our nasty greasy hair, and finally we began. We were a little late but it all rolled along smoothly and Davinia was baptized. Guilherme showed up after the baptism and we taught and marked him for the next day as well! Our leaders were freaking out.

Sunday comes. We had so many people ready for church. We went to get them all. 1 ran away from us (haha), 2 slept in including Guilherme so he couldn't be baptized, 3 didn't answer the phone or door and the rest said they were on their way and never showed up. We had 4 others that came with us which was cool. Oh another one who is marked for baptism for this weekend named Miguel. He is so cool and is quitting smoking. Already has cut his amount of cigarettes per day by 1 third! Woah! Anyway, Davinia showed up which was crazy because we thought she had to be at the funeral. She got confirmed, and then our Branch Pres said Ernesto needed to wait one more week so he remarked his baptism for next week. It was a little sad but that is okay because next week will be great too!

Õkay I have no idea if any of that made sense. Basically we've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off this week but we've had lots of fun and we're loving our missions! Tomorrow we have Mission Council aka "Jedi Council" with all the mission leaders in Lisbon. I'm nervous but it will be fun! Then we are going to do divisions in Setúbal. We might also do one in Quinta de Conde because we have a sister there who has been having constant migraines and fainted this week so they haven't been able to work. 

Anyway, okay this email is like just rambling nonsense. Today we played games in the chapel it was super fun. Not much to do in Barreiro but we have the coolest district ever so it's still awesome.I hope everyone had a wonderful week and an even better one next week! :) Love you all

Sister Carroll

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